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October 2016
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Mozilla Firefox accounts, regularly called as Mozilla Thunderbird records, are created by the Mozilla Foundation also, it offers a free stage for messages, news, and talks. The procedure of advertising free online records came somewhat later, while the underlying endeavors of the organization remained back at making a web program for the Internet. The first form was discharged on December 7, 2004 and as per the organization's information, it got more than 500,000 downloads in its initial three days and crossed 1,000,000 in the underlying 10 days.
The organization has offered bolster for all the major working frameworks (OS)
running from Windows and Linux to
Apple Mac OS, which are running on
both 64-bit and 32-bit engineering. By setting up a Firefox account, you can effortlessly exploit its different segments which incorporate email, newsgroup, news sustain, and talk (XMPP, IRC, and Twitter) customer. The earlier variants don't convey a Personal Information Manager (PIM) yet all the successors after vanilla form convey PIM usefulness either in an consolidated frame or as an augmentation.
The organization is known for giving venture and government-review security highlights consequently, the records are
protected utilizing SSL/TLS associations
to IMAP and SMTP servers.

In this article, you'll become acquainted with about the different strides that will help you in setting up a Mozilla Thunderbird account:
Once you've chosen to design Mozilla email account on your gadget, you simply need to pick the "Thunderbird" choice as it is prepared to do playing out the setup undertaking consequently. Numerous prominent email customers are enrolled on the programmed setup database, however on the off chance that the one you're utilizing is not there, then do it physically.
Your email benefit suppliers may likewise have a non-standard email setup that limits the program to acquire programmed settings in Thunderbird. Perused the beneath said ventures to conform the essential settings, which will permit you to send and get messages:

Step1. Open the 'Data Settings' in the Thunderbird window by going to the "Devices" segment.
Step2. Look on the left half of the 'Record Settings' exchange box and you'll have the capacity to see every email or newsgroup account that has consequently been designed by Thunderbird. The substance of these records will be shown in the top-level envelopes situated in the 'All Envelopes' rundown.
Step3. Presently, tap on the 'Data Activities' catch and select 'Include Mail Account' from the accessible alternatives.
Step4. Enter your email account, individual, and other required points of interest and squeeze "Proceed with" catch, once wrapped up.
Thunderbird will decide your account settings in light of the space of your email address and will then attempt to interface you to the same.
Step5. Press the "Stop" catch in halfway and afterward alter the server names,
port and IMAP/POP. Tap on the 'Manual Configuration' catch and your Thunderbird record will be set physically according to the alters made by you. Well ordered manual for arrange the active server It is extremely vital to make a different SMTP server to guarantee that different email records can without much of a stretch work through the same active SMTP server.

Here is How to set it:
Step1. Go to the 'Record Settings' discourse box and select the 'Active Server' (SMTP) from the base of the
left sheet.
Step2. In the wake of settling on the decision in the accessible alternatives, you will have the capacity to see a section that was made when you entered your record points of interest. You can either alter that section or include an by and large new passage to the rundown for portraying the correct setup of the required server. The accompanying are the obligatory fields that you are required to fill:
Server Name: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 587
Username and Password: checked
Username: Type in your username without "@com" expansion and in case you're utilizing Google Apps for Domains, then utilize your whole email address.
Association Security: STARTTLS
Step3. Once you've spared all the data about the new friendly server then select your new email account from the accessible rundown. Select the "SMTP" server starting from the drop list accessible in the 'Active
Server' (SMTP) field. Different things on the page were naturally made when you entered the record points of interest.
Step4. Presently, tap on the 'Server Settings' alternative situated under your new account and guarantee that the sections relate to the settings you've gotten from your email benefit supplier:
Step5. In the event that you have finished all the required fields and spared these progressions, at that point you ought to have the capacity to send and get messages from your Thunderbird account. Furthermore, you can likewise look for different parts of record arrangement that are discretionary and self- illustrative.
Holding a Mozilla Firefox record is an
included preferred standpoint for every client as it can oblige your different prerequisites connected with email, newsgroup, news sustain, and visit (XMPP, IRC, and Twitter) customers. The organization has likewise discharged
different augmentations in the later past to make its record more gainful and acclaimed by gigantic number of clients.

Alternatives, for example, speedy hunt, message separating, spared look organizers, progressed message gathering, and names helps you oversee and discover messages with ideal straightforwardness and restricted time period. What of it is it true that you are sitting tight for? On the off chance that you haven't made one, then switch on your PC and arrange it immediately!

PC or laptop security has turned into an extraordinary worry as it hampers the preparing of the gadget and can even degenerate or demolish the data put away in that.
Processing gadgets frequently source the greater part of the security dangers from the Internet.
Measurements uncover that in the only us, 24 million family units encounter substantial spam that is coursed through messages.
Around 16 millions family unit have had
genuine virus issues in the most recent 2 years what's more, 8 million clients have had spyware issues in the most recent 6 months. Approx one million individuals have reported that their own records, even money related, have been abused through phishing. It has been finished up in light of studies what's more, computation of other information that 50.1% of US PCs have had been influenced by virus assaults that makes United States the third most online virus influenced nation. (source:


The previously mentioned information is stunning in light of the way that notwithstanding having compelling antivirus programs, individuals are as yet taking a chance with their PCs to on the web security dangers. As indicated by a worldwide concentrate on led by McAFee in 2012, it was found that 1 in 6 windows PC (source: www.tomshardware.com) are without the security of antivirus programming. There are a huge number of articles and websites that discussion about the significance of online PC security against viruses and malwares, particularly for the PCs that are presented to predictable Web perusing. However, PC and laptop clients are appeared to be lethargic towards the way that perusing the Web on an uncovered PC is exceedingly dangerous in light of the fact that:

It builds the danger of information misfortune.
It causes wholesale fraud .
It adds to the spread of hurtful programs and awful viruses.

How to keep the PC Secure Online?

The most importantly step is to introduce a compelling antivirus program in your figuring gadget. Around 19.32% of Americans surf the Internet without assurance. Along these lines, as a matter of first importance it is critical that individuals ought to act proactively about introducing antivirus programs in their PC and ought to likewise reestablish the membership before it gets obsolete to remain ensured faultlessly. As per a dependable information around 17% of Americans are perusing the Internet utilizing PCs with obsolete antivirus membership. (source: www.tomshardware.com)

Nonetheless, introducing the antivirus program is not the end of the worry. Aside from doing that, clients likewise require to receive Internet safety measures to keep their PCs secure on the web.

Following are a portion of the Internet safety tips that you can incorporate into your perusing propensity:

Five Internet Safety Tips 

Windows upgrades

When you get warning provoking about the Windows redesigns, try not to disregard them making a big deal about the additional agony that you need to take in rebooting your PC. It is just for the safety of your gadget. Consequently, when you get Windows overhaul notice, don't delay on chipping away at it. Or maybe, make it an indicate visit the Windows official site in 3 or 4 months to check assuming any new overhaul has been proposed for any of the projects.

Learn Safe Browsing Habit

Viruses can make advances to your PC effectively in the event that you hone wrong perusing propensities. Thus, regardless of having antivirus programs introduced, attempt to rehearse safe surfing, for example, Try not to tap on suspicious connections.
Try not to open email messages from obscure senders.
Try not to open messages that are spams and assert winning of something.
Try not to download anything from
unbelievable sources.
Introduce a program add-on that rates
site safety. This extra will appear the safety rating of all connections in a
program and will help you in judging
the believability of a site or connection.

Empower firewall 

Firewall is the inbuilt security apparatus or watch of Windows that checks the continuous and off going activity of your PC. It limits the malignant activity from entering your PC. Henceforth, it is very prescribed to keep the firewall of your PC empowered all the time, particularly while perusing the Web.

Make a different User account 

In the event that your PC is regularly utilized by another person likewise, then it will be astute to make a different client account. In this account you ought to fuse constrained rights so that others clients couldn't make any possibly risky changes to your framework.

Continuously filter removable hard drive 

In the event that you associate removable hard drive to your PC or laptop, make a point to first filter it through your antivirus programs and afterward utilize it for information transmission with your PC.

The previously mentioned Internet safety tips are the essential and the most critical one. On the off chance that you don't rehearse them, even your antivirus won't have the capacity to give 100% insurance to your PC or laptop. The viability of an antivirus program joined with safe web perusing propensities can just keep a PC secure on the web.

Today, devices like mobile phones, tablets, portable workstations and so on assume a fundamental part in your school, individual and expert life.
 9jaboizgist Mobile phone
Different Images of Mobile phone
Whenever your specialized devices quit working appropriately or some other issue appears, then you require an master or professional to get it repaired. This is where the part of a specialist repair store gets to be specify commendable.
An accomplished mobile phone repair store can complete your occupation adequately furthermore, rapidly.

A repair store must be ace of the mobile phone testing. This implies if there is something faulty with your specialized device yet you are befuddled about its reason, then the tablet repair store can give your device the extreme administration to test what isn't right. Issues like imperfections in gathering and sound of your device's speaker or poor battery usefulness; can be effortlessly unraveled by a decent repair stores.

What's in store From a Good Mobile Repair Store? 

In the event that your device is not turning on or making clever commotions, you ought to get it adjusted quickly.
Be that as it may, by what means would one be able to know, that a specific repair store is sufficient or have very much talented specialists to repair your mobile device adequately. A portion of the characteristics of a decent repair store ought to have are said beneath.

The repair store must have very much talented and authorized professionals to complete your employment.
They ought to likewise have expert types of gear which are utilized to test all the equipment and programming parts of your devices.

A decent repair store ought to first discover what is amiss with the submitted contraption, and after that a citation ought to be given. The citation ought to incorporate the administration charge and on the off chance that, some of the parts should be supplanted then the cost of the new parts must be incorporated. No other extra charge ought to be incorporated.

A decent device repair store ought to give a quick
pivot benefit. This implies same day repair also, the repaired mobile phone ought to be conveyed following day.

Issues Tested By A Mobile Repair Store: 

Your phone can experience a few issues that may thwart its quality execution. A decent repair store ought to have the capacity to repair some of these regular deformities specified underneath.

Your device is not ready to hold charge after a full battery charging.

Your mobile continues switching off much of the time.

You are not ready to get any flag or Wi-Fi association.

Your phone's touch responsiveness has impeded down.

Issues in sound, catch and show usefulness.

To what extent does a mobile repair store take to test your device? 

A full test and an investigation report can be typically done in 5 minutes. What's more, if there are no such real issues with your device, then a decent repair store would get it repaired on the same day and convey it by the following day.

Experienced repair stores will rapidly spot what is amiss with the mobile device/s, and will alter it rapidly, and get it back to you on time. In this way, it is critical for you to continue adjusting your device all the time to maintain a strategic distance from any further issues influencing it and this would possibly spare you cash later down the line.


Does your CPU warmth up too fast? properly, then you definitely
probably need to get a new CPU 9jaboizgist tells you how
to choose the right one.
TAGGED below: laptop hardware
Did you recognize?
The present day in the international of CPU coolers is the warmth pipe
generation, and it's miles exceedingly green.
The imperative processing unit (CPU) of your pc can
generate large quantities of warmth, which if not dissipated
well, can damage the inner components, rendering
your laptop useless. For the clean functioning of your
computer, you ought to ensure that you have a proper cooling gadget in area, that could successfully deplete the warmth generated and maintain your machine cool.
The cooling system in your processor consists of a warmness sink and a fan. The fan is attached to the warmth sink, which is a block with several fins. the heat generated via the CPU is dissipated through the fins of the warmth sink, and the airflow created by means of the motion of the blades of the fan allows to hurry up the process.
choosing a terrific CPU Fan

It helps to recognize that the heat sink and fan that come with a brand new CPU are frequently of average quality, and only do a honest job in cooling your device. in case you need a laptop that works silently, or if your computer has been
overheating of overdue, then it is notably recommended which you put money into a superb fan and warmth sink combination. So, how do you pick the right one for your processor? simply thinking about the following factors will assist you.

1. Socket type and length
the first parameter that you have to take into account while
deciding on a CPU fan is the dimensions and form of the socket in
your CPU, and this applies even when you're choosing a
warmth sink. A fan that is not well matched with your CPU will
do little to serve your motive. So, before you search for
one-of-a-kind designs of lovers, ensure you seek advice from the
laptop guide to recognise the precise model of your
processor, along side the scale and form of its socket.

2. Noise Output
So, you have found a few best makes of fans which might be
like minded together with your CPU, but what subsequent? properly, the following
factor to recollect is the noise output, which is the sound
emitted through the fan in the course of operation. The noise output is
rated in Sones, and higher the rating, louder the fan. word
that a larger fan emits lesser noise as compared to a fan
of smaller length.

3. Airflow score
Airflow score is the measure of the extent of air that the
fan movements in step with minute. The higher the airflow rating, the
higher the cooling capacity of the fan. The airflow rating is
directly proportional to the wide variety of rotations in line with minute
(rpm). A smaller fan has a better rpm, and hence, can
cool faster than a larger fan. whilst you pick a fan, pass
for one which offers you a stability of each, airflow rating
and noise output.

4.Over clocking
Over clocking is the manner of running your laptop at
a speed this is greater than the default clock frequency. It
requires an increase in the operating voltage, ensuing in
elevated intake of electricity and increased warmth
era. The extra heat generated ought to be dispersed
effectively for the gadget to feature properly and prevent
harm. So, if you're over clocking your system, it is
incredibly encouraged which you invest in an efficient cooling
gadget (one with a high airflow rating) on your processor.
five. Case Clearance
the dimensions of the fan you choose additionally depends on the case
clearance, that's the quantity of room available inner
the CPU case and across the socket area. when you have a
smaller case, then you haven't any option however to accept a smaller fan, despite the fact that it is low noise output you are looking for.

6. Ambient Room Temperature
even as it can now not have took place to you, but the
temperature of the immediately environment does play a
key position on your choice of a CPU fan. in case you've located your system

This is the essential stride that each Mac
client ought to perform, before you go
about purchasing new RAM. Knowing your framework prerequisites and the kind of RAM that will fit in is the most
helpful and financial method for
updating it with a most ideal
To discover what RAM your Mac
requires, just select 'About This Mac' from the Apple menu situated on the top left of the screen. Subsequent to tapping on 'About This Mac,' go to the 'More Info' area and explore to "Memory" to look for data about your current RAM.

As you can now observe the sort of RAM
which your PC will acknowledge, peruse through different online dealers and advertise merchants to locate a best RAM that suits your financial plan and specialized necessities. Despite the fact that, costs differ contingent upon maker yet you ought to contrast no less than 3-4 merchants with search for the person who offers the best bargain. It is constantly prescribed to stick to a specific brand or Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as their items are certified and solid.
On the other hand, you can likewise utilize the online gateways to look at your high quality RAM with the other accessible alternatives in the business sectors. These sites may likewise have a similarity instrument that can recognize your framework's needs and suggest a perfect RAM that can be combined up with your gadget. Once you've chosen your new RAM, make a buy, and proceed onward to establishment handle.

Instructions to Install another RAM on your Macintosh? 

Step 1: The principal thing is to set up the Macintosh for getting its RAM updated. You need to painstakingly expel screws from the back cover to come to the motherboard of your gadget. Utilize a appropriate screwdriver, contingent on the sort of sinks utilized the work of your PC and tenderly expel them from the external cover.
It is truly critical to observe where every screw originated from on the grounds that they may vary from others, contingent upon their position and sort of grasp that need to give. Continuously guarantee that you have separated everything from your Mac, including the control line, outside web cam, mouse, what's more, other related parts.

Step 2: Remove the cover and touch a metal surface in the inside of the PC to release any static from your body. It is prescribed to utilize a little wrist band to keep you from any static charges.

Step 3: Identify your Mac's RAM from the motherboard, holding different vital things, for example, fan, Integrated
circuits (ICs), hard drive, and other applicable stuff. Once you're ready to find the RAM (a rectangular-molded thing) in your Mac, press the inserted tabs by holding them from either side.

Step 4: Now, expel the current RAM pushing the tabs out, which will bring about the RAM to appear. The RAM module ought not be left until it is completely discharged. When you'll feel that the memory is free by its indents, expel it from its space by holding it from the edges. It's entirely conceivable that there will be two memory modules, henceforth, evacuate the other module also by doing the very same as you did with the to start with.

Step 5: Insert the new RAM via precisely arranging it according to the RAM opening. Tilt the card up to and drop the RAM into the opening with two fingers push down immovably
furthermore, equitably. In the event that the memory card has
been embedded effectively, you will feel a firm snap from the opening and you can affirm it by attempting to delicately haul out the RAM. On the off chance that the card does not fit, try not to compel it rather check again to guarantee that you have embedded it in the right route around. Rehash the same prepare with the other module too what's more, you're finished.

Step 6: Put back the cover, fix those spoils back, attachment your links back in, and reboot the gadget. It may take a couple of minutes, however when you'll come to the applications interface or dispatch a program, you'll see that your PC now runs speedier. In addition, you can likewise watch that your machine can now multi-assignment more applications at the given time frame.
Redesigning your RAM ought not void the guarantee on your Mac yet it is continuously prescribed to keep the
unique one with you at a more secure place.

Assume you botch up with any of the different parts all the while and the organization may choose not to treat your gadget under guarantee. At that purpose of time, having the first part can persuade them to acknowledge the way that you've quite recently supplanted the RAM and haven't played with it by introducing non-standard parts in it.
Keeping the first RAM can stay away from numerous other likely issues that may emerge when an organization's legitimate design tests your item for other deficiencies. Go to the Apple menu, click 'About This Mac' and look under "Memory" to check if your framework has recognized the new RAM or not. Once the new RAM is introduced and acknowledged by your gadget, you can appreciate speedier perusing, multitasking in applications, smooth capacity of even overwhelming projects and continuous gaming background.

Sometimes,  you'll feel that your Mac PC isn't working with a similar speed that it kept up when it was new.
Infection contaminations, PC moderate downs, hanging and solidifying issues are a portion of the basic issues confronted by clients, when their PC begins getting old. The innovation gets to be old soon, thus, you will be required to keep a beware of your PC's well being and support to guarantee that it continues running
easily. A considerable measure of clients are searching for the way toward redesigning their Mac's execution through expanding its RAM. Yes, it's totally genuine that you can upgrade the execution of your Macintosh gadgets by moving up to some most recent
equipment that can make work less demanding what's more, speedier.

What is RAM and its points of interest after Upgrading? 

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a exceptional sort of transitory memory that is utilized by the CPU to hold data
identified with the present procedures running on your gadget. It has been asserted by different tech specialists that the more RAM you have, the better your PC will handle every one of the assignments. It may likewise intrigue you that including an optional RAM can inevitably improve the execution of your PC and the applications that you put it through every day.

A client can encounter a prompt change in the execution in all that you do going from perusing the web to utilizing overwhelming applications like Photoshop. It has too been watched that an additional RAM can't increment your Internet association speed be that as it may, it will most likely empower your program to run smoother and perform things quicker.

In this way, in case you're encountering applications slacks, visit crashes, hanging issues, postponed application or site page stacking, and other related side effects, then it's entirely conceivable that the time has come to overhaul the RAM of your framework.

Can an upgraded RAM make my PC speedier? 

Clients searching for a quick PC ought to
promptly deal with the two key territories to be specific, the processor speed and the RAM.
An out of date processor, an inadequate RAM, and an overheated gadget can massively back off your machine to a corrupted level. Changing or taking care of these three properties won't just spare cash that you'll be required
to spend on another buy yet will
additionally make you feel that you've purchased a new PC. While overhauling your processors and RAM, search for the most recent what's more, generally acclaimed innovative
progressions that can enable your
gadget with an enhanced efficiency
what's more, usefulness. You'll be stunned at the force of this one straightforward, moderate
Upgrading as it will make your gadget
work like another one without giving
much weight on your pockets and bank

Short Message Service (SMS) used to be one of the cheapest means of communicating when using mobile phones but with the introduction of more smartphones and deeper penetration of Mobile internet services which allowed the use of social media by everyone, SMS is no longer the most cost-effective method to chat with friends/family.

SMS isn't going anywhere no matter how popular Social media Applications become. I know this because you probably stumbled upon this article while trying to find a Solution to a common problem of not being able to send SMS because of incorrect or deleted mobile Message center Number.

The message center number is responsible for routing outgoing Messages to your service provider. It can be located in Messages > Option / Settings on most Android phones. If for any reason your message center number has been edited or deleted, please find the correct values for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat networks in Nigeria.

MTN: Nigeria Message center Number is +234803000000

Airtel NG Message Center Number is +2348020000009

Etisalat Nigeria Message Center Number is +2348090001518

Glo Nigeria Message Centre Number is +2348050001501

Some devices allow you to enter multiple messages center numbers, give them a name for easy identification and choose one as default.

I hope this helps you resolve problems with sending SMS successfully on your phone, if not please speak to a customer care person.

Here's how to contact Customer Care Center at MTN is 180.
Glo is 121. Etisalat is 200 and Airtel is 111

At whatever point the discourse identified with Windows 8 and its later version surfaces up, for the most part it's a discussion about the downsides and disappointment of Microsoft in satisfying its clients.
9jaboizgist Windows 8
Microsoft bears the qualification of giving the most fruitful working framework with most noteworthy number of clients. Be that as it may, by one means or another the arrival of its most recent OS, Windows 8,
neglected to experience the desire of the clients as obvious from the various articles and web journals that read about the escape clauses of the new OS. In any case, this is just one side of the coin. Since the principle achievement or disappointment of Windows 8 needs to be measured in light of the extremely well known yet ignored certainty that Microsoft discharged Windows 8 as a Windows tablet OS. Consequently, Windows 8 is fundamentally composed and organized to be perfect with tablets. It's an uncovered actuality that Microsoft shouldn't have ignored its desktop clients straightaway. Be that as it may, as a amendment to that miss, it made no delay in re-propelling the free redesign Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 Tablet Focused OS is the Need of the Hour 

Not putting the total fault of diminishing PC deals over Microsoft, we should acknowledge that for a few or different reasons PC deals have significantly diminished in most recent two years. This has less to do with the ease of use of PCs or portable PCs yet more to do with the top of the line elements of little, more minimized, versatile yet high end registering gadgets like tablets and
Cell phone. As a client, we as a whole are anticipating own an appealing, light-weight, long battery-life bolstered
exceedingly productive tablet for our everyday on go figuring and Internet use.

Presently our ownership of a PC or tablet can't legitimize why we shouldn't have a tablet, in light of the fact that owning such a top of the line versatile registering gadget is  the need of great importance.
All that really matters is, a tablet centered Windows OS is the need of great importance. In the event that Microsoft wouldn't have discharged it, we the clients may have urgently
requested for it.
Be that as it may, at any rate, now we have a full-fledged tablet centered Windows OS, yet why clients are experiencing issues in adjusting to it? Is the interface exceptionally troublesome? No, it is most certainly not. In spite of the fact that, Microsoft has changed numerous qualities of its new OS yet at the center it is a straightforward Windows OS simply like prior versions.
Subsequently, rather than crawling over the provisos of Microsoft new OS, it's
qualified to take in specific tips for a superior Windows 8 Tablet encounter. Since by the day's end, we as a whole are aficionados of Windows OS and for in-your-face processing we require it also.

Adjust to the Change and Updates

The principal thing a client must get it
that they won't get a similar desktop (UI) over the tablet. It's a new gadget with new specialized foundation and in like manner the UI moreover has changed. Along these lines, clients must sportily adjust to this change. Of course, they
must acknowledge the way that dissimilar to more seasoned time, Microsoft is not going to discharge upgrades at a long crevice 2-3 years. Truth be told there are chances that the upgrades will be discharged all the more regularly or even speedier than Apple's overhauls for its iPads. Probably Microsoft is doing this to rapidly develop the Windows encounter for its tablet clients.

Along these lines, if the clients need to have a great Windows 8 tablet encounter then he should be prepared to comprehend and adjust the overhauls and back to back changes in the OS in the coming time.

Allowing Multiple Ways of Doing Things

At the point when Apple propelled iPad it was most certainly not discharged as a PC yet just as a PC friend. The idea was straightforward that in the event that you basically need to reach to your substance then utilize your iPad yet in the event that you need to take a shot at it then you should utilize your Mac. In the event that as a potential tablet
client, you are having this same thought for Windows tablets then you have to get freed of it. Microsoft has in particular helped the line that separates a tablet from a PC.
A Windows 8 tablet can do nearly everything that your huge PC can as it can bolster Flash modules, multitasking, mouse, console, USB  usefulness and parcels more. To put it plainly, Windows 8 tablets can be your in with no reservations one processing gadget. Connect an outside mouse, screen and console to change it to a desktop.

Exploit Windows Store

Our cell phones have made us subject to applications, which are convenient what's more, successful devices that maneuver down even complex looking employments. For its tablet clients, Microsoft has presented Windows Store, which is still at its earliest stages in such manner but then to include more applications. However clients must inquiry the Windows Store as there are extremely helpful applications accessible in it that can upgrade your tablet encounter surprisingly.
Besides, there are distinctive advantages
of acquiring and downloading applications from the store as opposed to from third-party stores. The applications of Windows store are more secure, more touch-accommodating furthermore, all around incorporated with the Search,
Warnings, Share, and Settings in Windows 8.
Aside from keeping the previously mentioned focuses as a main priority, you have to investigate the new Windows working framework and attempt to find out about its components. In fact, it is not the same as the prior versions of Windows, yet it has its own appeal and can do a considerable measure to enhance your work process.

The most widely recognized purpose behind purchasing android tablets is for recreation and excitement.
Did you realize that android applications are more useful in the money related world?

Today, Android propelled such a variety of back applications in the showcase which are truly much valuable also, important to your money related necessities. 

Here is a rundown of main five best back 
applications in the market. 


Finance is the effective android application which strips you of the need to utilize an individual organizer. It is an application which is having the ability of giving the latest reports on the stock 
advertise. Another element of this application is that it furnishes you with stock quotes which are particularly true on the grounds that they are cited constant. This application too synchronizes well with your stock 
portfolios, which are stacked in Google Finance.  

Real Estate Droid: 

It is the fantasy application for each land 
operators or business associations. In the event that your point is to be a land businessperson or a land agent, at that point this land droid application is the 
best arrangement for you. Since, this application accompanies different elements and offices including different pursuit choices (Ex: Search Houses available to be purchased). 

With this application you can without much of a stretch get different constant reports on land. Moreover, you can check contract cites made by estate loan specialists. 


Financisto is the most widely recognized fund application which is having the ability of doing numerous things. In this application you can include numerous ledgers and record sorts, this implies you can without much of a stretch include your present and sparing record together into your document administrator.
With the assistance of Financisto application, you can likewise screen your regularly scheduled installments. 

This application can likewise help you to oversee short and long haul spending plans. 


PayPal is the outstanding application by 
everybody around the globe. With the 
help of Android PayPal application, you can do every one of the things, for example, moment installments furthermore, you get the conveyance of the items at the soonest. With PayPal at reach, you are having an awesome opportunity to get to 
your record at whatever time and from anyplace you need. 

Karl's Mortgage Calculator: 

Karl's home loan adding machine is the 
basic money related application for each 
contract needs. With this application, you can effectively handle your month to month spending plans and likewise you can without much of a stretch figure your regularly scheduled installments outwardly with diagrams furthermore, diagrams . These home loan number cruncher applications may likewise help you to ascertain your future installments, credit sums, financing cost and terms.

 Information Technology 9jaboizgist
Information Technology

Even with the current decline in generation shares
and the demise of a few internet corporations,
Information Technology (IT) stays one of the
fastest developing fields today, consistent with the united states
branch of exertions.

Technology trade magazines which includes Information
Week and Computerworld have continually
stated (January to March problems
respectively) that the financial downturn will
possibly now not impede the range of excessive-tech
initiatives – or the amount of personnel had to
them get them accomplished. however, many agencies
have indicated that the slowdown can also postpone
formerly deliberate hardware and software
purchases. Moreover, at the same time as a few organizations
report that they are now not presently hiring, maximum
are suggesting plans to growth outsourcing of
many IT functions which includes: Programs development,
fine warranty testing,
web page control and preservation, internet protection, and tech support, to contractors offering those
offerings. These outsourcing organizations will likely
rent greater specialists to deal with this
influx of enterprise.
Employers also are involved that there are not
sufficient ability personnel as demand for IT
expertise – especially the ones skilled in net, e-
commerce and networking – maintains to exceed
deliver. a few analysts are predicting that exertions
shortages will keep for the following decade. additionally,
it's far estimated that by way of 2008, the usa excessive-tech
enterprise can have created an extra 5 million
jobs, in part reflecting the internet’s
look as a mainstream era (SI
evaluate, March/April 2001).
because the range of positions is going up, opposition
for these professional workers will accentuate. With a
essential power to put into effect internet-enabled CRM
applications and programs tied to information
warehouses and patron equipment, many companies
are already searching for applicants with IT
enjoy. these encompass developers and
programmers with revel in in Java, Java
Servlets, Java Beans, Novell NetWare, Lotus
Notes, Linux, Cisco, Adobe, JavaScript, XML,
With new net-based projects being advocated
via top management and project closing dates
nearing, companies want to rent skilled people.
it can be the maximum important factor for long-
time period career fulfillment.

 9jaboizgist glo data plan subscription
1 Day Pack (30MB)
Glo 1 Day pack charges just 50 Naira best
for a whole day – this is, 24-hour
get entry to to the net. Upon activation
of this Glo 1 Day pack, you'll be
credited data to the tune of 30MB.
To set off, absolutely dial *127*14#.
as a substitute, you could send 14 to 127
thru SMS
instant Surf a hundred (100MB)
Glo instantaneous Surf costs simply one hundred Naira
most effective for a whole day – this is, 24-hour
get access to the internet. Upon activation
of this Glo immediately Surf, you may be
credited data to the plan of 100MB.
To activate, definitely dial *127*51#.
instead, you may send 51 to 127
via SMS
Smallie (200MB)
Smallie fees simply two hundred Naira best for a
complete day – this is, 24-hour get right of entry to to
the internet. Upon activation of this
Glo Smallie plan, you'll be credited
Data to the tune of 200MB.
To prompt, without a doubt dial *127*56#.
alternatively, you can ship fifty six to 127
via SMS
Glo Weekly data Plans
Big Week (1GB)
massive Week data plan cost just 500 Naira
most effective for an entire week – this is, 7 days
get access to the net. Upon activation
of this Glo big Week Data plan, you
may be credited Data of
To prompt, dial *127*57#.
as an alternative, you may send 57 to 127
through SMS
Glo monthly Data Plans
Always Micro (2GB)
Glo always Micro data plan costs just
1,000 Naira best for a whole month –
that is, 30 days unlimited get right of entry to the
net. Upon activation of this Glo
always Micro data plan, you may be
credited data of 2GB.
To prompt, sincerely dial *127*53#.
instead, you can send 53 to 127
via SMS
My Phone data Plan (6GB)
Glo My phone data plan fees simply 2,000
Naira best for an entire month – this is,
30 days limitless get entry to the
net. Upon activation of this Glo My
phone data plan, you may be credited
data of 6GB.
To subscribe, dial *127*55#.
instead, you may send 55 to 127
through SMS.
So special data Plan (10GB)
Glo So special plan cost simply 2,500
Naira best for a whole month – this is,
30 days unlimited get right of entry to the
net. Upon activation of this Glo So
special data plan, you will be credited
Data of 10GB to browse, download.
To activate,dial *127*57#.
else,  you could send 58 to 127
through SMS.
Always Macro Data Plan (12GB)
Glo always Macro Data plan prices is
3,000 Naira for a whole month –
that is, 30 days unlimited access to the
internet. Upon activation of this Glo
usually Macro data plan, you'll be
credited data of 12GB.
To subscribe dial *127*54#.
rather, you can send 54 to 127
via SMS
N4,000 Data Plan (18GB)
Glo N4,000 data plan price cost just 4,000
Naira best for an entire month – that is,
30 days unlimited get right of entry to to the
internet. Upon activation of this Glo
N4,000 data plan, you will be credited
data to the song of 18GB.
To set off, virtually dial *127*59#.
as an alternative, you may send 59 to 127
through SMS
Always Min Data Plan (24GB)
Glo Always Min Data plan prices just
5,000 Naira only for an entire month –
this is, 30 days limitless get admission to to the
internet. Upon activation of this Glo
Always Min records plan, you will be
credited data plan of 24GB.
To spark off, definitely dial *127*2#.
rather, you may send 11 to 127
thru SMS
Awaya Max data Plan (48GB)
Glo Always Max data plan expenses cost
8,000 Naira only for an entire month –
that is, 30 days unlimited get right of entry to to the
net. Upon activation of this Glo
always Max data plan, you may be
credited data to the net of 48GB.
To activate honestly dial *127*1#.
or, you may send 12 to 127
via SMS
Gold Data Plan (60GB)
Glo Gold Max data plan costs simply
15,000 Naira simplest for an entire month –
this is, 30 days unlimited get right of entry to to the
net. Upon activation of this Glo
continually Max statistics plan, you will be
credited data to the net of 60GB.
To spark off, absolutely dial *127*12#.
rather, you may send 16 to 127
through SMS
Platinum data Plan (90GB)
Glo Platinum data plan prices just 18,000
Naira simplest for a whole month – this is,
30 days limitless access to the
internet. Upon activation of this
platinum information plan, you may be
credited records to the music of 90GB.
To set off, definitely dial *127*13#.
alternatively, you may ship 17 to 127
via SMS

Glo CAMPUS Data Plan BOOSTER is a unique.

DATA booster plan which gives you an
high-quality amount of facts, approximately 8 instances
your facts subscription cost in case you are
on any Nigerian better organization
campus. that is surely a primary of its
kind records booster plan, isn’t it? No
hidden expenses, or additional prices.
for instance, a N500 information plan on
Campus gives you facts get entry to up to
N4,000 in addition to free credit score to make

N200 Campus Data Booster

N200 information recharge offers you up to
200MB records normally in case you recharge
off-campus. but, with the campus
records booster plan activated, you may
get as a whole lot as 400MB in case you subscribe
on campus.
you'll additionally get N50 call credit score bonus
to name different glo numbers. legitimate for four
days best!

N500 Campus Data Booster

N500 information recharge gives you as much as
500MB statistics normally if you recharge
off-campus. but, with the campus
records booster plan activated, you'll
get as much as 1GB if you subscribe on
you may get AS much AS N1,257 name
credit score bonus to name other glo numbers.
valid for four days simplest!

N1,000 Campus Data Booster

N1,000 statistics recharge offers you up to
1GB statistics typically if you recharge off-
campus. however, with the campus
data booster plan activated, you will
get as plenty as 2GB if you subscribe on
you may get N250 call credit bonus to
name other glo numbers. valid for 15
days most effective!

N2,000 Campus Data Booster

N2,000 facts recharge gives you up to
3GB facts typically in case you recharge off-
campus. but, with the campus
statistics booster plan activated, you may
get as plenty as 6GB if you subscribe on
you will get N500 call credit bonus to
name different glo numbers. valid for 30
days handiest!

N5,000 Campus Data Booster

N5,000 data recharge offers you as much as
12GB facts commonly in case you recharge off-
campus. but, with the campus
facts booster plan activated, you'll
get as a whole lot as 24GB if you subscribe
on campus.
you will get N1250 call credit bonus to
name different glo numbers. valid for 30
days handiest!
Glo campus data booster are reachable
from all campuses within the usa such
as Universities, immigration and
customs education colleges.
to buy any of the above plans simply Dial
*777#, then pick a Campus Booster

Glo Flexi Plans


Glo N200 night Plan charges 2 hundred Naira
most effective for the night – that is, between
the hours of 12am (mid-night) to 5am
in the morning. Upon activation of this
N200 night time Plan, you'll be credited
facts to the music of 1GB.
To activate, without a doubt dial *127*60#.
as an alternative, you could send 60 to 127
via SMS.


Glo N500_WEEKEND_PLAN charges 500
Naira and works only for weekends –
this is, from Saturday 12am (mid-
night time) to Sunday 11.59pm. It also works
from 12am – 5pm on Weekends. Upon
activation of this
N500_WEEKEND_PLAN, you'll be
credited records to the song of 3GB which
is usable between the said hours
most effective.
To activate, surely dial *127*sixty one#.
as an alternative, you can send sixty one to 127
via SMS.

G100 PLAN (4GB)

Glo G100 PLAN costs 6,000 Naira and
works best for one hundred HOURS and ought to be
used inside 30 days. Upon activation of
this G100 PLAN, you will be credited
facts to the music of 4GB that is usable
for only 100 hours or within a 30-day
for the reason that this plan is based totally on the wide variety
of hours’ usage, it's far advisable to place
off your telephone statistics connection when
no longer in use, consequently it is going to be assumed
which you are browsing the net if
facts is placed on. Your records gets
disconnected if you have surfed the net
for up to a hundred hours.
To set off, surely dial *127*5#.
as a substitute, you can send 20 to 127
via SMS.

G300 PLAN (12GB)

Glo G300 PLAN prices 15,000 Naira and
works handiest for three hundred HOURS and need to be
used inside 30 days. Upon activation of
this G300 PLAN, you will be credited
statistics to the song of 12GB that is
usable for best 300 hours or inside a
30-day length.
in view that this plan is primarily based on the variety
of hours’ usage, it is advisable to put
off your telephone records connection whilst
no longer in use, for this reason it'll be assumed
that you are surfing the internet if
data is put on. Your information gets
disconnected when you have surfed the net
for as much as 300 hours.
To spark off, absolutely dial *127*4#.
instead, you could ship 21 to 127
thru SMS

G amusement PLAN (4GB)

Glo G enjoyment Plan fees 5,000 Naira
and works from 8PM to 9AM on
weekdays, and then all day on
weekends. you'll be credited with
information really worth 4GB to browse the net
when you spark off this plan.
To prompt the G leisure plan, honestly
dial *127*7#. instead, you may
send 30 to 127 thru SMS.

G-paintings PLAN (4GB)
Glo G-work Plan prices 6,000 Naira and
works from 8AM to 9PM all day, each
day. you'll be credited with facts
really worth 4GB to browse the net when
you activate this plan.
To spark off the G-work plan, clearly
dial *127*6#. as a substitute, you may
send 31 to 127 thru SMS.

If you are considering starting a blog, or are
you a newbie into the world of blogging, then
read on. There are certain common mistakes
that new bloggers make that can cost them
dearly in the long run. Here, we let you know
these mistakes, and how they can be avoided.

Did you know?
Justin Hall published the first blog ever in
the year 1994. Since, then blogging has come
a long way. Today, there are more than 31
million blogs in United States alone.
Blogging is a great way of reaching out to
the world. There are a number of reasons
why people blog. For some, blogging can just
be a hobby, while for others it can be a way
to increase awareness about their products
and services, and earn money online.
Whatever the reason is, the primary aim is
to get readership for the blog.
Today, more and more people are taking up
blogging for various reasons. As with any
new venture, blogging too has a learning
curve; you make mistakes and learn from
them and move on. But some mistakes cost
dearly and can even jeopardize the future of
a blog.
Piracy is a miasmic offense, and in polemic
you on every side respect in the personate of
simulated an understanding stranger variant
blogs and lashing them for your weblog,
you're going to be penalized closely by
engines like google subsequently. The
financial statement of exclusively and
solitarily acumen cannot be emphasized
enough. replica-pasting distance from
transformation blogs underpinning apart
from power a everlasting deletion or ban on
your blog. you'll gulp down your depend as a
novelist if readers perceive copied content on
your weblog.
Not Submitting Your Blog to Search Engines.
You are writing great, unique, and original
content, but your stats are not showing any
signs of rise. What could be the reason?
Well, most traffic to a blog comes from
search engines, and for search engines to
give you traffic you should let them know
about your blog's existence. Search engines
index content of sites to be able to show
them on search results. So, it is very
important to submit your blog to search
engines. Failing to do so means you are
missing out on a huge chunk of traffic.

Airtel has continued is promo plan of giving out 4GB of data for just 1500 naira for 2 months, this has been a plan a lot have enjoyed before suddenly airtel discontinued it, you can read here to see when the plan was on and what it takes.

Just a few days back selected SIM cards received the SMS notifying them that they can get 4GB of
data for just 1500 for 2 months, and I can concern its working very well both on PC and mobile devices even on Android devices.

If you read the previous post on the promo before it got discontinued then you will notice some people when trying to subscribe always get a message “you are not eligible for this plan” that still applies as not all SIM can subscribe to this plan and there are no criteria to which SIM will work but the good news is you can actually check to know if you are eligible for loading up 1500 credit on your device.

How to check if you are eligible for airtel 4gb for 1500 for 2 months

As simple as it is, all you have to do is dial the said code without any credit or a credit not up to 1500 naira, if you get a message that you have insufficient balance then good luck your SIM is eligible but if you are not eligible even which 0 nairas on your phone when you try to subscribe you will still get the message that you are not eligible.

Updated: Dial *440*440# to confirm if you are eligible

How to subscribe to Airtel 4GB data for 1500 for 2 months

1. After checking that you are eligible, load 1500 credit

2. Dial *440*161# and you should be subscribed

NOTE: if you are not eligible then use this code *440*16# which will give you 2GB of data instead New code to check airtel data plan A lot of people have also been having problems checking data balance on Airtel, yes! Airtel changed the code. The new code to check airtel data plan balance is now *223# and note airtel data deduction is back to normal. 

Share with friends and let them enjoy the promo while it last, also drop your comments below.

Airtel records Plan for 2016 – right here are the
subscription codes for Airtel Plans , and
Airtel Android information Plan for 2016.
Airtel subscription code logo
Airtel is one of the pinnacle communique
networks in Nigeria providing reasonably-priced internet
get right of entry to to their subscribers. Airtel has a extensive
range of internet programs for Android ,
Blackberry , iPhone and pc customers. This
article is going to talk approximately Airtel Nigeria
data Plans , Their subscription codes and how
you may test your facts stability.

Airtel Data Plan 2016
(For Android , iPhone
& Laptops)
Please note that the codes below have been
updated to reflect recent changes made by
Airtel , So you can trust what we’ve written
Dial *223# or *140# to check your balance.
30MB For #100 : Get 30MB data for
just #100 , valid for 24 hours. Dial
* 410# to subscribe
100MB for #200 : Get 100MB worth of
data for #200 , valid for 3 days. Dial
80MB for #300 : This plan is valid for
7 days (1 week) , Dial *417#
750MB for #500 : Get 500MB Airtel
data plan for #500 , valid for 14 days.
Dial *418# to subscribe
1.5GB for #1,000 (Android 1.0) : Get
1.5GB for #1,000 , valid for 30 days.
Dial *496# to subscribe.
3.5GB for #2,000 (Android 2.0) : You
can get 3.5GB data bundle for
#2,000 , valid for 30 days. dial *437#
5GB for #2,500 (Android 2.5) : This
Airtel Data Plan gives 5GB data for
#2,500 which is valid for 30 days. Dial
7GB for #3,500 (Android 3.5) : This
plan is valid for 30 days. Dial *438#
to subscribe
9GB for #4,000 (Android 4.0) : This
plan is valid for 30 days. Dial *438*1#
to subscribe.
12GB for #5,000 : This plan is valid
for 30days. Dial *452# to subscribe
24GB for #8,000 : This airtel data
plan is valid for 30 days. Dial *460#
to subscribe.

Airtel Social Plans
The social plans below are strictly for
chatting on social media.
Airtel Whatsapp (WTF) Plan – #200
for 30 days. Dial *990# to subscribe
Airtel operamini plan – #300 for
30days. Dial *885*1#
Airtel Night Plans
(Weekend / Time
If you’re someone that is more productive at
night , you can take advantage of these
Airtel Night Plans / weekend data bundles.
TIME BASED 30 – 30 mins unlimited
internet for #300. Dial *439*3#
TIME BASED 60 – get 60 mins of
unlimited internet access for #500.
Dial *439*4#
NIGHT 120 – 3 hours of unlimited
internet for #1,000. Dial *481*2#
(Usable between 12am and 5:59am.)
WEEKEND BUNDLE 200 – get 200MB for
#200 during weekends. Dial *472#
(usable between 12am Saturday and
11:59pm on Sunday)
WEEKEND BUNDLE 500 – get 500MB
airtel data plan for #500.
Dial *473# (Usable between 12am
Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

That’s all the subscription on Airtel Data Plans . If
you have any questions , please let us know
via your comments.


Only God has no weakness. Every rose flower has
its own thorn. If you focus too much on your
spouse's weakness, you can't get the best out of
his/her strength.
No one is an Angel, therefore, avoid digging one's
past. What matters is the present life of your
partner. Old things are passed away. try to forgive
and forget. The past can't be change. So Focus on
the present and the future!
Marriage is not bed of roses. Every shinning
marriage has gone through its own test of hot and
excruciating fire. True love is proved in time of
challenge. Fight for your marriage! Make up your
mind to stay with your spouse in time of needs.
Remember this is the vow you made on your
wedding day!
Don't compare your marriage with anyone! We can
never be equal, some will be far in front and others
far behind. To avoid marriage stresses, be patient,
work hard and with time, your marriage dreams
shall come true.
When you marry, you must declare a war against
enemies of marriage. Some of the enemies of
marriage are: Ignorance, Prayerlessness,
Unforgiveness, Adultery, Third Party Influence,
Stinginess, Stubbornness, Lack Of Love, Rudeness,
Wife battery, Laziness, Divorce etc. Be ready to
fight to maintain your marriage zone.
There is no ready made marriage anywhere.
Marriage is hard work, volunteer yourself and
perfect it daily. Marriage is like a CAR with Gear oil,
gear box, back hassles and If this parts are not
properly maintained, the car will brake down
somewhere along the road and exposing the
occupant to unhealthy circumstances. - Many of us
are careless about our marriage... Are you? If you
are, pls pay attention to your marriage.
He (God) gives you, him or her in the form of raw
materials in order for you to mould what you desire.
You may desire a woman who can pray for 1 hours
but your wife can only pray for 30 minutes. With
your love, prayer and encouragement, she can
You cannot predict what will happen after marriage,
as situation may change, so, leave a room for
adjustment. Pregnancy may not come in the next 4
years. You may get marry to her because she's
slim but she becomes 100% fatter after a child. He
may lose his beautiful job for years that you have to
take the financial responsibility of the family until he
gets a new job. But with God by your side, you will
smile at last.
Marriage needs total commitment, love is the glue
that makes a couple stick together. Divorce starts
in the mind. Never think of divorce! Never threaten
your spouse with divorce. Choose to remain
married! God hates divorce
Marriage is like a bank account. It is the money you
deposit into your bank account that you can
withdrawn. If you don't deposit love, peace and
care into your marriage, you are not a candidate of
a blissful home. There is no free love in marriage,
You cannot love without giving and sacrificing.

If you only want to capture a screenshot of just
a specific window, you don’t have to take a full-
screen image. You can take a few simple steps
just to capture that particular window.
Open the specific window. Make sure the window
that you want to screenshot is open and visible
up on your desktop.
Press Command + Shift + 4. At the same time,
press the command, shift, and 4 buttons. This
will turn your cursor into crosshairs on your
computer screen.
Press the Spacebar. This will now turn your
cursor into a camera instead of the crosshairs.
Position the cursor. Move your cursor, and now
camera, over the window that you want to
screenshot. The cursor will tint the window blue,
so make sure that the cursor is over the window
or app that you want to screenshot.
Click and wait. Click your cursor and wait for the
camera click. This means that your screenshot
has been captured properly.
Save and share. The image will be saved onto
your desktop as an .PNG file. Just double click to
open it and then you can share it with the
Preview button. You can also drag and drop it
anywhere that you would like to save it if you
don’t want it to stay on your desktop.
Remember, this type of screenshot will only
capture a specific window or pull-down menu. It
will not have the full computer screen in the
image. If you want to do that, refer to the
first tutorial.

Maybe you want to take a screenshot with a
Mac and need half of the screen. you could do
that as nicely and easily.
Open and arrange tabs. Open the apps, home windows,
or tabs which you want to get for your screenshot.
set up them the way you would love to see them
within the photo.
Press Command + Shift + four. Press the command,
shift, and four keys at the exact equal time, just as
you probably did while taking a screenshot for the whole
pick out the region you want. Your cursor will now be
a crosshair. role your cursor at one of the
pinnacle corners wherein you would really like to begin your
screenshot. Now, drag it down to the other
corner and ensure to select the whole thing that
you need to keep inside the screenshot.
custom pixel size. The crosshairs will even display
you a pixel count as you choose the particular place
to screenshot on the Mac. that is a clearly nice
feature in case you need to have a selected length for
your photo.
allow go. once you have the whole place you want
inside the photo covered, let move of your cursor. The
camera click sound will go off and with a purpose to imply
your screenshot is now stored as a .PNG file on
your computing device.
share and save. just like before, you could now
share this image however you would like with the
Preview button. All you have to do is proper-click on
and select Open With. you could also drag it and
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TECNO became the primary dual SIM mobile cellphone
brand to hit the Africa market and they are
doing incredible in Nigerian smartphone marketplace.
Building its smartphones at the examined and
depended on Android platform and maintaining charges
low has added to the popularity of Tecno
Androids in Nigeria and across Africa. if you
are on a completely tight price range trying to enjoy
mobile technology that until now has been
exclusive to the center class and the rich,
you may now get yourself one of the brand new
Tecno Android phones and feel amongst.
Now that a few bad men are aware that
Nigeria is one of the pinnacle markets for Tecno
merchandise, they've started out scamming a few
consumers by way of selling faux Tecno Androids to
To fight this, Tecno cellular has
created a website for actual battery test
and genuine cellphone test for Tecno Androids.
using the VC, Serial quantity and imei number
of your Tecno phone, you can now check if
your phone and battery are authentic.
To understand an authentic Tecno smartphone
1. Go to http://gc.tecno-mobile.com
2. Input your IMEI code and VC code in the
applicable field and put up.
three. you'll get a reaction informing you if
the telephone is true or now not.
where to Get IMEI and VC of Your Tecno
you'll see the imei numbers on the container of
your Tecno smartphone.
After unboxing it, you'll see the imei
variety and VC after you would possibly have removed
the battery from the smartphone.
you could additionally get your Tecno's imei numbers
by using dialing *#06# for your Tecno. it'll
show two serial numbers given that its a twin
SIM Tecno.
To realize an authentic Tecno smartphone Battery
1. visit http://gc.tecno-cell.com
2. enter your SN code within the relevant field
and put up.
3. you may get a response informing you if
the battery is genuine or not.
in which to see Serial wide variety of Your Tecno's
get rid of the battery out of your Tecno smartphone,
look it spherical and you'll see the S/N: on it.
Now you can sincerely purchase any TECNO cellphone
or Battery with out you being scared of
shopping for a faux product. I think you would love
that of the battery because its hard to get
an original battery in market.
these days the entirety inside the marketplace is
authentic even the faux ones are referred to as
unique product simplest in case you get it from the
primary source of the product.
thanks to TECNO, now you do not want to
fear approximately fake cellphone or battery.
 Image of Techno M7 Android phone at 9jaboizgist

 picture of Android, Iphone IPods, IOS batteries

How to spot fake batteries and chargers?
Mobile phone handsets are not the only electronic
product targeted by counterfeiters. Black market
cell phone batteries and chargers are also
infiltrating the market posing a potential health
and safety risk to consumers.
Fake batteries and chargers are often offered as
an after-market product, found on auction
websites or in unregistered stores often at a
significantly lower price than genuine products.
Given the uniform appearance of most mobile
phone batteries and chargers, it can be difficult
to identify what products are fake and which are
Here are a few simple tips to help you identify
whether a battery and charger is genuine or
Buy from a registered manufacturer and trusted
You should only buy mobile phone accessories
made by a trusted manufacturer.
If you are looking to replace a battery or charger
then you should refer to the original
manufacturer’s information to make sure you
purchase the appropriate battery or charger for
your model of phone. It is important to note that
you should only use a charger specified by the
manufacturer to charge you mobile phone
You should also attempt to buy your mobile phone
accessories from a trusted retailer who can
verify the authenticity of their products.
Most mobile phone batteries and chargers look
very similar, making it difficult to identify
legitimate and fake products.
If you are able to inspect the product first-hand
then you should look for signs of poor quality
such as: inaccurate printing, misspelled wording,
crooked label placement and signs of defective
Some mobile phone manufacturers also place
hologram stickers on their batteries, which are
difficult to replicate by counterfeiters - although
they do try.
All genuine mobile phone manufacturers offer a
limited warranty that covers the handset,
software and accessories.
Most genuine accessories are covered for a
certain period of time from the date of purchase
by the original owner.
Registered manufacturers and sellers also offer
customer support and servicing of damaged
Black market batteries and chargers rarely come
with a warranty or offer customer support and
servicing of damaged products.
It is important to keep the receipt for any mobile
phone accessory you purchase so that you can
make a warranty claim if the product is faulty.
It is also beneficial to keep all proof of purchase
in case you have bought a fake so that you can
notify the relevant authorities.
If the price sounds too good to be true then it
probably is.
Counterfeit mobile phone batteries and chargers
are made from cheap substandard components
allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the
price of genuine products.
Also, counterfeiters don’t have to invest in
product research, design and safety testing.
They don’t pay government taxes, import fees
and are not bound by fair trade or minimum wage
regulations for their employees.
All these factors mean fakes can be sold at a
much lower price than a genuine product.

How to identify fake phone
Resume variable ring for
Surrounding facets
The appearance of the brand drone to make it
The products appear genuine. The phone Extrinsic and stupid mass, printed logos
And branding, packaging and lid
The tochis parts are acquired, forming them
Heavy to disgrace if a phone is
False or genuine. The call of the card is quickly
Until the end of the revenge of time to win a phone
Turn on a registered vendor or reseller that can
Heed the authenticity of a telephone. in spite of
How smooth with reference to quantity
From Internet shopping and auction sites, this may not be an option. Here are some scattered natural tips to book it
Trade name if a phone is genuine or fake.


It is remarkable to reach
A short counter-pilot forward, reaching a new
Zoom in. You forced yourself into a call
Made by a reliable manufacturer. In this sense,
Commit to a property, you will be liable
Value gain to spread the antiserum of the phone
Dough, ornaments ready, bread, what software
And the hardware comes included and what
The guarantee is offered with the product.
Indicator suggestion not too far from a sculptural remedy
The nub phone is of bad reputation in the market
Manufacturer's site or through a supplier
Registered distributor. You have passed this suggestion
The main support defends the vim to identify
A much easier fake.


At first glance, a fake phone may appear
Identical to a genuine model. In nearest comparison
You can identify some obvious ones
Differences between a true and a false as
As: the color, the location of the buttons, the size or
Spelling of the brand name. Some fakes are minor
Obvious. Counterfeiters can mimic design
Details up to minute details, making it difficult
To know if a phone is genuine. If you are able to
See the product in person, you can
Notice a difference in weight, screen size,
Location of buttons and battery, sound quality
Printing and finishing of ink, added or absent
Functions, Quality Control Labels and Holograms
And a general lack of quality.


Fake phones may have different characteristics
For genuine models such as dual sim cards,
Analog TV, etc. Check the model number and
Genuine Phone Technical Specifications You
They want to buy and ensure that they combine what is being
Offered. Fake phones also seem often
Offer resources that are not or not
They are not as they claim to be. For example,
Built-in cameras can be said 8 megapixels
When they are not - or offer GPS when they
No. Counterfeit phones may also differ from one
Genuine in the availability of colors, memory capacity,
Megapixel camera, screen quality and operation
System. It is important to compare techniques
Resources to ensure the phone is genuine.


Black-market phones are made of sub-standard
And cheap components and usually run at the 2nd rate
Or pirated operating systems.
Counterfeiters use the cheapest generation
Chipsets, which can offer the same functionality
As a genuine model, but in a very slow process

If you inadvertently bought a fake phone
You will perceive very quickly once it activates.
Processing speeds are often much slower,
Operating systems have missing features and
The phone may not be compatible with the affiliate
Software and applications.


Counterfeit mobile phones tend to overturn
Market when a genuine model is out of stock or
Not available.
Often, if manufacturers and registered sellers say
A template is out of stock or unavailable,
Counterfeits begin to appear on auction sites
Through unregistered sellers. This is also
Common when a phone is not available in certain
Beware, counterfeiters take this opportunity to
Deceive consumers when the genuine product is
More demanding.


All genuine mobile phone has a serial number
To register it in a network of operators. This number
It's called International Mobile Team
Identity Number (IMEI). The IMEI number can be
It is used to check the legitimacy of a phone. Often
False models will not have an IMEI number or
Use a fake.

If you are looking at the phone in person, then you
You can find the IMEI number in the product
Packing, under the phone battery or
Pressing * 06 on the phone.
If you are not viewing the phone in person, then
You must ask the distributor the IMEI of the phone
The number.
To verify the legitimacy of the number IMEI of a phoneAny information about the country ofProduction, manufacturer and type of model, you can use this tool.


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