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December 2018
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Lost iPhone contacts don't need to stay lost forever.

Losing iPhone contacts can be quite a nuisance. You have to collect contact details from all the important people in your life again. You can never recover some old contacts, and if you lose your business contacts that’s even worse.

However, if you’ve accidentally deleted your iPhone contacts, all hope isn’t lost. There are three convenient means of recovering deleted contacts on iPhone.

Have you accidentally lost important contacts from your iPhone? You can recover those deleted contacts using one of the methods detailed below.

First, you can recover deleted contacts from an iCloud backup. Second, you can recover deleted contacts from an iTunes backup.

Finally, if none of those methods work, you can use a third-party application called Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover those lost contacts.

Now, read on to find out how these methods work.

Part 1: Restore deleted contacts from an iCloud backup

How to Retrieve Deleted Texts: Restore with iCloud Recovery

iCloud backups are a great way to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone. If you have ever backed up your iPhone to iCloud, you should be able to use this method to get back your deleted text messages. If you're not already, you should be doing regular iCloud backups. It’s a good idea for saving ALL of your important stuff, not just messages that might potentially get deleted.
  • Go to Settings.
  • At the top under your name you'll see Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store; click that arrow.
icloud backup iphonerestore iphone from backup
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup.
recover deleted textshow to retrieve deleted text messages
  • Now check to see if the time of your last backup was before or after you deleted the texts you want back.
recover deleted text messages iphone
If the iCloud backup predates the deletion of your text messages, you're in luck. Now you'll need to erase your iPhone and restore it with the backup pre-dating your accidental text deletion.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General.
recover deleted text messageshow to restore iphone from icloud
  • Choose Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings.
how to restore iphonehow to recover deleted messages
  • In the confirmation menu that pops up, choose the second option: Erase Now and make sure not to choose Backup Then Erase or you will lose the previous backup and won't be able to recover the deleted text messages!
recover deleted text messages iphone
Now your iPhone has been totally erased and will begin as though it’s a new device. Follow the step by step instructions until you come to the Apps & Data page.
  • On the Apps & Data page, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Enter any passwords asked for from iCloud Backup, then sign in to iCloud.
  • Proceed to “Choose backup,” then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud. There may be even older backups to choose from besides the one you verified before starting. Choose the most recent one that predates the deletion of the text messages. Keep in mind that the older the backup, the more likely it is that it will not contain other important data that you've added to your iPhone since that backup was made.
  • You may have to sign back in to all your accounts after the iPhone is restored.

Part 2: Restore deleted contacts from an iTunes backup

Recovery of Deleted Text Messages on iPhone: Restore from iTunes Backup

If the previous method of recovering deleted text messages didn’t work, don’t worry; there is another means to your end, namely iTunes. Similar to recovering from a backup on iCloud, you should be able to access any saved messages via iTunes, as long as you have been doing regular backups to your computer. This is why it is recommended to periodically back up your iPhone to iTunes even if you have automatic iCloud backups enabled. Follow these simple steps to try to recover deleted texts.
It is possible that you have disabled this feature of the PC / Mac syncing process, so if you don’t have access to your text messages here that could be why. You may want to update these settings so that going forward it is easier to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone.
  • The first thing you need to do is connect your iPhone with the computer you usually sync it with. iTunes will open automatically if it’s not already running. If not, just click the program and open it up.
  • When your iPhone appears in iTunes, click Summary.
how to restore iphone from itunes
  • To get back the data backed up from your iPhone, including your deleted text messages, you will need to click “Restore Backup.” If this option is grayed out, you may need to change your backup preferences from iCloud to Computer. You can always change this back after you have restored your iPhone.
restore iphone from backup
recover deleted texts
  • This process can take a while if you have a lot of data stored on your phone or Mac. If you have done a sync with this PC or Mac since deleting your text messages this process will not work. iTunes only saves your most recent backup data for a restore.
  • Assuming you have not done a sync with iTunes since you deleted your text messages, this method should restore those messages back to your Messages app!

Part 3

Recover Deleted Texts: Contact Your Service Provider

In some instances you can recover deleted text messages by contacting your cellular service provider. They occasionally will have access to a backup if it has not yet been overwritten or updated. If you are in a bind and really need messages back I would recommend you contact them before trying to use a third-party app or some other drastic measure.
When you call, you will need to ask for technical support and then ask to speak to a representative as there probably won’t be accurate menu prompts to take you to the right department. Remember, when dealing with customer service representatives you will want to be polite and reasonable. They may not be able to help you, but they will be more likely to try if you are pleasant and appreciative of their efforts!
At the end of this simple process, you will have lost all your most recent data, but you will have recovered your vital contact details.
However, if you want to find out how to recover contacts without losing any data, read on.

Part 4: How to recover deleted contacts without backup using Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery

Tutorial – Restore Contacts on iPhone without Backup

  • Step 1: Launch the program on computer and select “Contacts” that you need to recover.
  • Step 2: Connect iPhone/iPad to computer via USB cable and start scanning device.
  • Step 3: Preview recoverable data and retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone to computer.
Tutorial - Recover iPhone Contacts without Backup
Import Notes:
  1. If there’s an iTunes backup that matches the connected iDevice on your computer, the program will also scan the backup and allow you to retrieve contacts.
  2. As excellent iPhone contacts recovery software, Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery will save your contacts in several readable formats for easily viewing or printing.
  3. Besides contacts, you can also use this software to recover deleted text messages on iPhone, as well as recover deleted photos and videos from iPhone, and more.
If you lost data after you updated to a new iPhone, you can always use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get the data back from the old iPhone or backup.You may also like: iphonerecovery.com
If you use android phones, please choose Gihosoft Android Data Recovery.

"My iPhone is locked by the iCloud activation. I’m looking for an iCloud activation lock removal tool but don’t know which one to use, what are some of the best options?"
One of the most common struggles that iOS users experience is dealing with an iCloud activation lock. It’s stressful and most of the time, it’s unnecessary. If your iPhone is locked with iCloud activation and you cannot recover the password, you should try iCloud activation lock removal tools which are available to get rid of this lock.

Below we are going to be introducing you to some of the best iCloud activation removal tools and the pros and cons of using them.

#1 – iCloudin

Next on our list is iCloudin, a free iCloud activation removal tool which is compatible with all iOS devices and is incredibly easy to use. If you choose to use this tool you are able to find a range of tutorials on their website that will help you out.
  • - This tool is free to use and has a simple user interface.
  • - If you aren’t tech-savvy there are tutorials available.
- It is compatible with all iOS devices.
  • - The iCloudin website is outdated.
- iCloud in is a fairly new tool and there are a small number of reviews to back up its efficiency.
Supported iOS
- iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5
Here's how:
  • Download the software on your computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.
  • Start the program and it will detect your connected device.
  • Hit "Start" and choose the model of your iDevice, then click "Next".
  • The program will scan your device and then begin to bypass your iCloud activation lock. Note that the entire process takes about 20-30 minutes, and once it is completed, your device will restart.

#2 – Official iPhone Unlock

The Official iPhone Unlock site isn’t an iCloud activation removal tool but is actually a service. You simply pay a team of professionals (prices start at $19.95) and they take care of everything for you.
  • - You don’t have to do anything and the process is taken care of by professionals.
- This is a very popular and reputable website so you are can be assured a good job will be done.
- In order to use this service, you must pay them.
Supported iOS
- iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10
Here's how:
  • Go to https://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk/ and Click where it says iCloud unlock.
  • Now you just choose what model of phone you have, input your IMEI or serial number.
  • Now you'll be taken to a secure page to pay the small fee, then the unlocking process will be started.

#3 – Open My iCloud

Next, we have the Open My iCloud tool, another popular option for removing an iCloud activation lock. This program is very simple to use and is very effective too.
  • - It is very effective and very fast at removing an iCloud activation lock.
  • - Open My iCloud is compatible with all iOS devices.
- You can unlock the iCloud activation lock using your iPhone’s IMEI code.
- You have to download and install the program on your computer.
Supported iOS
- iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5
Here’s the tutorial video:

#4 – Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Last on our list, but by no means least effective, is the Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool. This tool is a little more complicated than the other tools so if you aren’t a tech-savvy person then it may be best to choose another tool.5 Best Ways to Bypass/Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone iPad in 2019

  • - This tool is compatible with all iOS devices.
  • - Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool is free to use.
- There are a range of tutorials for you to follow if you are unfamiliar with the tool.
- In order to download this tool, you must fill out a survey.
Supported iOS
- iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9
Below are the steps on how to do it:
  • Free download DoulCi Activator server files that you received from TrialPay and then install it on your web server.
  • Unzip the files. Once it is unzipped successfully, you will see the files: download doulci iCloud unlock tool. The installation on a web server is quite easy and is similar. You just need to install the script on a local server and then edit your hosts' file.
  • Connect your iPhone, iPad or to iTunes iPod via USB cable.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the magic happens. Done! Finally, exit the tool and disconnect your device to it.
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Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Free
Free iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows/Mac
Recover up to 12+ types of files, including contacts, SMS, photos, WhatsApp, Viber, notes, etc.
Restore lost data from iOS devices directly or from iTunes and iCloud backup
Recover iPhone data lost due to iOS upgrade/jailbreak, accidental deletion, device lost or broken
Support all the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Both Free and Pro version.
If you lost data after you updated to a new iPhone, you can always use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get the data back from the old iPhone or backup.You may also like: iphonerecovery.com
If you use android phones, please choose Gihosoft Android Data Recovery.
With Gihosoft Android Data Recovery, no longer afraid of data loss!
Gihosoft RePicvid Free Photo Recovery Software provides a free photo recovery software for windows to help users recover the deleted or lost photo for free.

Today I want to introduce you to the program Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery, which one of the readers recommended to me. What are its pros and cons, the differences between the paid version and the free one, how to use it - we will consider all this in today's publication

The program can recover the following types of data:
Multimedia files: photos, music, video
Documents Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, archives, etc.
Service files: SMS, contact list, call history
WhatsApp and Viber chat history, including messages and transferred media files
The software works perfectly with both the internal memory of Android devices and the SD cards connected to them. The algorithm of search and recovery to the limit is simple and clear:

1. Download the Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery program from the developer's site and install it on your PC (there are versions for Windows and Mac).

Run it and tick the data types that require recovery.

selection of file types

Connect your mobile device to PC via USB cable (all versions of Android are supported starting from 2.0).

2. Start the search process. All files deleted once will be found and sorted into categories: contacts, video, audio, documents, etc.

lost files to recover

You can easily view them before restoring and make sure that this is exactly what you were looking for. Check the necessary files and start the recovery process (Recover button). Files will be immediately stored in the specified location.

Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery has two versions: Free (free) and PRO (currently worth $ 49.95). The differences between them are in the available functionality. So, PRO version, unlike Free, is able to recover:
Contact list with related updates (email, position, etc.)
Images and videos in original quality
SMS content
Correspondence in WhatsApp and Viber with the transferred multimedia files
It turns out that the Free version may not really be that much:

Call history recovery
Recovery of audio recordings without loss in quality
Document Recovery
Based on all the above, in my opinion, the conclusion is the following: you need to restore music or documents from a smartphone or tablet - use the free version of Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery. If we are talking about photos, contacts, SMS or video - layout fifty bucks for the PRO version or look for something else :)

P.S. Owners of devices running iOS are also not deprived: https://www.gihosoft.com/iphone-data-recovery-free.html


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