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Friday, November 24, 2017

SJCAM SJDASH dash cam review

SJCAM has become one of the biggest players in the action camera market thanks to devices like the SJ5000X Elite and SJ6 Legend. And now it's come up with a product targeting a different audience.
The SJDASH is SJCAM's first dash cam and, just like the other devices in the company's range, it is designed to appeal to consumers looking for a good balance between quality and price. Question is, how does it perform? I've tested it to find out.
What's in the box?
The SJDASH comes with everything you need to set it up in your car. The package includes the camera, a windshield mount, a long USB cable and a charger with two USB ports -- one to connect the dash cam and the other so you can, for instance, charge your smartphone. However, there are no clips provided so you can route the cable along the edges of the windshield.
Design and ease of use
Even though this is only SJCAM's first dash cam, it is well thought out. It powers on automatically and starts recording right away. So, when you plug it in, you are ready to go without having to worry about pressing any buttons.
It has a 3.0-inch display on the back so you can see what the SJDASH is recording, how the videos are framed and access the settings menu. To control it, you have four capacitive buttons below the screen and a power button on the side.
The menu should feel familiar to those who have used SJCAM devices before, but it is also easy to follow for new users as well. There is not a whole lot that needs to be changed out of the box, save, perhaps, for the option to record audio from inside the car.
As I have said in previous dash cam reviews, this is something that I prefer to be disabled. However, it can come in handy if you get into an argument with a fellow driver or a pedestrian or want to record a conversation with the police.
SJCAM SJDASH back display
Because it uses a USB connection, you can, if you want, power it from an external battery when you need to record something outside of your car. It is not designed to be used in such a way, but it will work fine as long as you power it from a 5V 2A source.
The SJDASH has Wi-Fi so you can connect to it using your smartphone. There is a dedicated app available for Android and iOS. It lets you change settings and watch videos, among other things.
Video quality
The SJDASH features an NTK96658 chipset, a 2MP sensor, and a f/2.0 lens. The dash cam records video at 1080p, out of the box, and there is no option to switch to a different resolution. This is the same as on other dash cams I have used. The bitrate for the videos is 15Mbps, which means that it will use around 6.6GB for an hour of video.
Since the dash cam is configured to run in a loop, it will automatically erase older videos as the microSD cards get full, however, so you do not have to worry about running out of space. I have used a 32GB Samsung Evo Plus microSD with it and it worked flawlessly. SJCAM says that you can go up to 64GB, though I suspect it will accept bigger cards just fine as well.
So, what is the video quality like? I have tested the SJDASH in different conditions -- during the day, at night, around sundown, in the city, and on faster roads -- and it has performed well overall. As you might expect, it works best when there is sufficient light. At night, the quality suffers a bit.
Video samples
The video samples that you see below have been uploaded to YouTube untouched. However, their quality may not reflect that of the original videos, as YouTube applies various algorithms when it processes the uploaded files.
SJCAM sets a high bar when it comes to supporting. Its products get frequent firmware updates based on my experience, and the SJDASH is likely to be no different. At the time of writing this article, there no firmware updates available to download from the company's website.


Monday, September 18, 2017

SJCAM SJ8 4K camera LEAKED info and New SJ360 Plus

In 2014 I was quite excited when I learned about the new Chinese company called – SJCAM. Their popular camera SJ4000 proved to be one of the most successful cheap sports cameras. You might not know this, but the first article ever published on our website was about recognizing fake SJCAM cameras.

Now 3 years after, SJCAM is no longer an unfamiliar brand. They launched a serious amount of cameras and became one of the leaders on the cheap sports camera market.Thanks to their new marketing and business model, they changed a lot of things. The company expanded quite a lot. What is more important they began launching new models monthly. Way bigger brands like GoPro, Sony or Garmin can’t keep up with this pace.

Recently, we wrote about the release of SJ-Dash, their first ever car camera. This August, we came across some very exciting news. SJCAM announced the release of two more cameras by the end of October 2017. SJ8 and SJ360+.

Find out the latest piece of information about SJCAM new cameras SJ8 and SJ360+  Photo credits: poshgadgets

In this article, we’ll provide you with as much information on these two cameras as we were able to discover. Please understand that some of the info shared here, including the specs, the design, and the features are not final and are subject to change. With that in mind, let’s see which novelty SJCAM has to offer this time.


We begin with a model which everyone is excited about – the SJ8. The information on SJ8 appeared on the poshgadgetswebsite. They were the first to leak the photos. Once again, this is all still unconfirmed information. We’re waiting for an official reply from our contacts at SJCAMHD.

SJ8 4K is a sports action camera which biggest feature is recording 4K videos at 60 FPS. Furthermore, it will allow EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) in 4K @ 30 FPS. These features sound quite impressive. Only a few months ago, we did not have an action camera which supports EIS in 4K.

The back of the SJCAM SJ8 camera prototype

Photo credits: poshgadgets

It is really amazing how quickly the sports camera market is progressing. YI 4K+ was a  first 4K/60fps action camera, but now we have the SJ8 and few others coming.

SJCAM SJ8 is a successor of SJ7 Star. It’s the first dual-screen action camera which will support 4K/60 FPS.  The front screen has 0.96. It will most probably be an OLED screen which will show the most basic information about the camera. The back screen will probably be a live-view touch screen, which will allow users to navigate through the settings and change different modes and options. The first dual-screen model which company produced was the SJ6 Legend.

Features of the SJCAM SJ8 | Photo credits: poshgadgets

Another notable feature of the SJ8 is the external GPS support. One of their main competitors, GitUp also announced an external GPS camera called G3 DUO. Furthermore, SJ8 will apparently be powered by Ambarella H22 processor and have Sony IMX377 image sensor.

The camera supports voice-control, live-streaming, slow motion, RAW image mode and has distortion correction.

SJCAM SJ8 Technical Specs

The specs table below is based on the information we gathered online. It is subject to change and we will update as the more information becomes available to the public. Take this info with a pinch of salt.

  •    Chipset
  •    Image sensor
  •    Lens
  •    Weight
  •    Size (L x W x H)
  •    Screen
  •    Max native image resolution
  •     Video resolutions
  •    Video compression format
  •    Image format
  •    Memory
  •    Battery
  •    WiFi
  •    Connection
  •    Remote controller support
  •    Video Stabilization
  •    External Mic Support
  • Ambarella H22
  • Sony IMX377
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 12 megapixels
  • H.264
  • -
  • -
  • -

Dual Screen

2.33 inch Touchscreen (back)

0.96 inch Front (front)
4K - 60 FPS

4K - 30 FPS
SJCAM SJ8 release date and price

So far, the release date and the retail price for the SJ8 has not been announced. It’s been speculated that the official specification for the product will be released to the public in October 2017. With that in mind, we estimate that camera will be on the market in September. This is only our blind guess.

We will update this section when SJCAM officials give us the official information.


An updated version of their first ever 360° cameras is called SJ360+. We reviewed its predecessor SJ360, and it proved to be a good concept with a rushed release since there were some software problems.

Even though similar in name, the two models have nothing in common. Aesthetically, they are completely different. The new SJ360+ has a rectangular shape opposed to spherical which SJ360 had. Plus version features two lenses on both front and the back. Its shape allows users to easily hold it in hand.

The camera has a 0.96 screen on the front. It supports built in WiFi within 10m of range. This means you’ll be able to control the camera remotely, via your smartphone. In order to operate the camera via the WiFi, you’ll have to have a new app installed – SjCamPano. The app is already available for Android and iOS.

SJ360+ is powered by 1700 mAh battery and can record 360° videos in full HD, 1080p. According to the manufacturer, the SJ360 camera supports 360° uploads to Facebook and YouTube. There’s no info on an image sensor, but the camera will use SJCAM A7S chipset.

On SJCAM official YouTube channel, there’s always a video sample of the camera’s performance.

Even though the two videos above appeared on YouTube two months, ago there’s still not much info on the camera, which probably means the manufacturer is tweaking it up, so the final output may be improved.

The release date and the pricing for the SJ360+ are yet unknown.


Some, including our Pevly team, may say that launching a way to many models is not always a smart move. It can be a double-edged sword. We covered some of their cameras which proved to be rushed out to the market (SJ7 and SJ360 are just one of a few).

On the other hand, this allows them to progress quickly. We really liked the new SJ6 Legend Air. The company has been launching improved new cameras almost monthly.

What do you think about these two cameras? Which one would you prefer to have? Have more information to share with us? Leave a comment below, we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Earn Money Online From Writing Product Reviews

Product Review
It's shocking to perceive what number of individuals invest their energy reviewing their sentiments and emotions on the most recent Stephen King book, or the most recent Red Hot Chili Peppers collection; and after that simply transfer them to their own blog or article website (like this one). A great many people don't understand that there is a website which really pays individuals to compose their assessment on a huge number of products which are recorded all alone website.

These product review websites are allowed to join, and they will pay you each time another part peruses and rates one of your reviews. You can likewise be remunerated toward the finish of the month, when a choice of the month's best reviews will earn a 'top notch support'; ordinarily around 5 or 10 pounds.

It's presumably very difficult to comprehend why these websites are paying you recently to compose your feeling on a product. It is likewise very difficult to clarify why they do as such, yet I will attempt to put forth a valiant effort. By composing a review and leaving criticism for a product, the makers are getting exposure and (for the most part) are getting some free acclaim. These reviews are utilized on the database of a huge number of products, and they web-programs to shape an assessment on the best products. The product review website would earn an extraordinary sum from commission rewards; individuals go to the webpage, read a positive review and afterward tap the link on the website straightforwardly to a shop, (for example, eBay or Amazon) and afterward they buy that thing. The product reviewing site will then earn a rate of commission from this deal, thus this is the means by which they can bear to pay its users for composing product reviews - everybody's upbeat.

There aren't numerous necessities to utilize these product-reviewing websites; you should be no less than 13 years of age and should be situated in one of the upheld nations. Clearly it might be ideal in the event that you have an enthusiasm for composing, and that you aren't excessively fretful. To earn great cash you have to compose quality product reviews, and you have to develop a notoriety on the website. The more users you get the opportunity to peruse and rate your reviews, the more cash you will earn. In this way it pays to be mainstream.

These product reviewing websites as of now have some extremely entrenched groups on them, and this is done on account of the focuses framework. Each review you read and remark and each appraising you get will all earn you virtual group focuses. There is a shading scale which coordinates the focuses earned, and the more focuses you have the more vital the shading is that you get. For instance, join the website and compose a review and you will presumably still be on a white shading. Compose several reviews and you will most likely turn into a brilliant shading. Not exclusively does this shading speak to a dynamic and regarded user, however it will earn you significantly more cash. Individuals will probably read and rate your reviews, in this manner earning you much more cash then normal.

At the point when your earnings achieve a specific rate you can trade them out; through Amazon vouchers or you can get paid by BACS (an immediate installment into your own ledger). This is all totally protected and secure, as the websites have executed some exceptionally strict safety efforts. The websites are likewise recorded as the absolute most well known, and increase a large number of guests consistently. These figures hint at no coming up short or subsiding, so I profoundly suggest that you hop on the fleeting trend. Begin composing your own sentiment on any of the a great many products recorded - from TV's to Shampoo to Internet Search Engines. Each individual is provided food for, and regardless of the possibility that it isn't you can in any case submit another of your own products on the off chance that they aren't now recorded. Join a product reviewing website today for nothing, and begin getting paid to compose product reviews - you can't turn out badly.

How To Increase The Number of People Who Find and Read Your Product Review

Product review
After you've composed a product review and distributed it on your website one of your objectives is to motivate individuals to discover it, read it and afterward tap on your link to buy the product that you're reviewing. In this article will let you know a method for getting more perspectives of your product review, that is more individuals discovering your review and more individuals understanding it.

In the event that more individuals are discovering your review and more individuals are understanding it, then obviously your active visitor clicking percentage will increment and your deals.

The best choice that you can make about reviewing products is to work out an entire rundown of all the best components of that product, then cover every one of them in your review. You will improve comes about by beginning with the greater part of the most well known elements, that is elements that individuals are effectively searching for on the web. Work out the prevalent elements to start with, then entire whatever remains of your rundown.

In this way, how would you figure out what the most prevalent components are of a product that you

are reviewing?

As a matter of first importance you ought to check the merchants website, or the maker and verify whether they have a notice which they use for advancing that product. On the off chance that they do, then make a rundown of the elements that they are utilizing as a part of the ad. I generally assume that in the event that they have incorporated those elements in their publicizing then they more likely than not established that those elements will be famous with the customer.

Somewhere else to look is the business page, one of the numerous parts they list on a business page are highlight of the product, close by the advantages of every component. Make a rundown of those elements as well, note that occasionally those components are recorded in the request of significance, or what has been esteemed as critical to the purchaser.

Check different reviews of the product by utilizing the search engines and when you discover them give careful consideration to any remarks that have been made on those pages. Make a note of any components which are as a rule more than once said, what are they amped up for in the product, what are they saying in regards to the product? Put forth these inquiries as you are perusing through.

Once you've figured out what the best components are then you can start to compose your review of those elements realizing that they are the most essential elements to the general population who will be purchasing the product.

Doing this will give you a superior shot of individuals discovering your review in the search engines since you have secured what they are searching for in your review.


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SJCAM SJ360+ Plus 360-Degree Camera

Let’s take a deeper look at what the SJCAM has released this time! Specifications The table below shows the technical specs for...