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Showing posts with label Samsung Galaxy S9. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases
The Galaxy S9 and S9 + are very similar to the models they replace, but they are not exactly the same. Put them side by side and you'll see a difference in size and shape enough that the old S8 series will not fit. So that means you need a new one. 
Here are our favorites so far:
Even if you're just looking for a simple case that adds some protection and grip to your Galaxy S9, you'll still want something stylish. These cases offer a simple and robust protection for your S9, but still, provide a touch of style.

Incipio Carnaby Esquire

Colors: blue, gray
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love this: 
The Incipio Esquire series has always been a case line that catches your eye, regardless of the device you are on. The soft fabric cover on the back adds a modern touch and elegance to your phone, but the appeal of this case is not just its appearance: the Esquire case is sturdy enough to withstand a drop of up to six feet. Usually, you will not find a thin, attractive case with such sturdy protection, so it's one of our best options.
The Incipio Carnaby Esquire is our current selection for the best cover for Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

Tech21 Evo Check

Colors: light, black, blue, purple, aquamarine, pink
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love it: 

we are big fans of the Galaxy S9's design, so we do not want to do much to hide it. The Tech21 Evo Clear case achieves a perfect balance between protection and presentation. A subtle 'check' pattern breaks the case, which otherwise would be simple and thin. The wraparound edges add a good grip and a touch of color if desired.

Speck Presidio Grip

Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Purple
Wireless charging: yes

Why We Love it: 

Speck's Presidio Grip is a classic phone case that does not detract from its successful design. The back of the box has a simple battery of lines on a smooth hard plastic exterior. The rubber ridges stop at the camera cutout to leave the center exposed and also extend along the sides in a way that emulates the Infinity screen. The raised lines add good adhesion to the sides of the carton, which is good because the plastic can get a bit slippery to the touch, and each corner has its own layers of cushion.

Strong Griffin Survivor

Colors: gray / white, black, gray / light pink
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love it: 
slim but robust, the Griffin Survivor Strong case has a discreet sobriety that belies its simplicity. The flat back adds grip without attracting dust or gets stuck inside a tight pocket, and the line design adds a touch of style without drawing much attention to itself. But even if you choose the smoked transparent model, you will have a great cover that wears and protects your S9 without adding too much volume.

Peeling Super Fine

Colors: black, blue, silver
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love it: 

If you hate covers, but still want to protect your S9 completely from scratches and bumps, then this is your case. The Peel Super Thin case is the finest case we've ever used on a phone. In fact, SuperThin lacks praise for military protection and probably will not withstand a terrible fall, but it looks good and will protect your phone from scratches and occasional drops.

Patch level ITG

Colors: Black, Red
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love it: 
Although the Patchworks Level ITG case is not stylish, we still like it very much. It covers your phone, comes in two colors and protects your phone from occasional drops with a sturdy double-layer design. The buttons are firm and have a good audible click for them, but our favorite feature is just below them. On both sides of the box, you'll find a "side bump" that helps keep a firm grip on your S9.

Tauri Fashion Glitter

Color: pink, green
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love that: 

Everything we really want in a slipcase is something that looks good, fits well, does not cost much. The Tauri Fashion Glitter case confers all the boxes. Although their shiny backs may be too ostensible for some, they add good adhesion and texture (as the shine is on the outside of the cabinet), as well as an additional layer of protection for hard drops.

Surviving Strong Tap

Colors: clear, blue
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love that: 

The Griffin Survivor Strong case has a soft plastic feel, with colored lights that make it look more like a leather case than a plastic one. The rear is sturdy enough to withstand seven-foot drops in particular, and the external bumper is good for keeping a firm grip on your S9. Its only disadvantage is the lack of lining inside the cabinet so it can leave small scratches over time. However, this is a solid case for a solid price.

i-Blason Luna

Colors: rose gold, black, blue, marble
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love that: 

The Luna case of the i-Blason is exactly what we want in a case: cheap and colorful. The wave pattern on the back of the case is divided into two sections, one half being rigid plastic and the other soft and soft to the touch. The rigid plastic case is removable so you can exchange different colors, and we liked how thin and light it was, even if it is not the most protective we tried.

Patchworks Mono Grip

Colors: black, taupe
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love it: 

Similar to the Patchworks level ITG, the Mono Grip box offers excellent fall protection while adding a bit more style. The appearance of the Mono Grip is hard to ignore, even if you prefer firm buttons in the case of the Level ITG.

Forming a hard exterior, the Mono Grip has a smooth back that is not slippery. Patchworks also use an exclusive aluminum layer to protect the camera and the fingerprint reader, an approach that does not increase the overall weight of your S9.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Urban

Colors: black, bronze, burgundy, blue, silver, pink, purple
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love this: 

The Neo Hybrid Urban is a simple and discreet case, with a unique combination of metal and rubber that adds a touch of class and a nice advantage. The fishbone pattern on the back adds an anti-slip texture and a nice design element. As a bonus, you can remove the metal wrap and mix and match with a different case if you buy two.

Skinit Pro

Various colors
Wireless charging: yes

Why we love that: 

No matter your taste, Skinit has a case for you. The Pro we tested had a legal motive for ink splash on the back, but there are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can also create your own appearance if it's more your thing.

The two-layer design fits perfectly on the S9, with rubber buttons that cut the sides of the cabinet and large holes for connecting headphones or a charging cable. The design on the back is smooth, but it adds some edges, but above all, you will love the great variety of designs.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Specifications

samsung galaxy s9
In the Android world, there is no more important event than the annual Samsung launch of its latest Galaxy S devices. It is also one of the first of the cycle of the year with the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + arriving at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Both devices feature iterative updates for 2018, with updates on most fronts, as well as some additions of ordered features, as well as more gadget features.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very fast phone, shaking everything it could throw with minimal noise. For a phone that costs £ 739 / $ 739, this should not be a surprise, and you'll find phones that feel fast for a lot less money.

At the heart of the phone is Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 (which will change depending on your area, we Brits will get the latest and that's the version I'm using for comment), but, whatever version you get, wait they do it They work the same way. In addition to the typical increase in GPU and CPU speed, the new SoC can handle new features such as improved facial recognition and slow-motion video recording at 960 ips.

The chip comes with 4 GB of RAM, 2 GB less RAM than the S9 Plus variant. It's odd that Samsung does not maintain parity between devices, but do not let that tempt you to spend on the larger model. I did not notice any real difference in the heavy areas of RAM; My only problem would be how it stays after a few months of use.

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Software

In the same way that little has changed in the way the Galaxy S9 works on its predecessor, so does the Samsung software. It is still smartly designed, offers attractive icons and flowing movements between the application panel and the notification panel, but it is very different from the way Google sees Android.

Duplicate applications are a big problem: there are two browsers, galleries, email clients and application stores. Of those who would say that it's only the browser that's better than the Google alternative, it's amazingly fantastic thanks to the expansion support and the night-time playback mode.

You can disable and hide some of these applications, but very few can be completely removed from the device. The same can be said of Samsung's virtual assistant, Bixby; it can be disabled, but the button that starts it cannot be reassigned to another function.

Bixby was not particularly impressive when he launched with the Galaxy S8 and very little changed here. Now there is voice support for basic questions, but try anything tedious and Bixby will fail. Even basic questions like "How is the weather today?" Often, they are unanswered. Samsung made fun of the release of Bixby 2.0 later in the year, so I hope things will improve.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

From a design point of view, Samsung has made no significant changes to the Galaxy S9, for better or for worse. The design still sees the glass at the front and back, with a metal edge on all sides. On the front and the back, the screen and the glass curl toward the edges. And just like with the Galaxy S8, the 18.5: 9 screen occupies an important place on the front panel without the need for a ridiculous cut.

Samsung has come a long way in improving their phone designs and has made some of the best phones on the market in recent years. The Galaxy S9 + is a beautiful phone, the curved glass looks fantastic, the metal edges feel great, and there is almost perfect construction and high quality.

However, the sliding of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still a concern, as it did with the Galaxy S8. Having a crystal on both sides and so thin metal edges make it hard to hold this phone firmly at times, and if you place the device on any surface even at a smooth distance, the Galaxy S9 can easily slide. It has not been much thought to improve grip, with Samsung, however, continues to promote beauty during the function.
Due to the slippery design of this gadget, Samsung Galaxy S9 requires a protective case.

These large glass panels lead to the same longevity concerns I had with the Galaxy S8 line, especially because of the curved edges that expose the glass when it falls. The Galaxy S8 was one of the most fragile phones I've ever seen: forums and social networks are plagued by relatively minor falls complaints that lead to broken screens and expensive repair bills. I can not see that the Galaxy S9 is different in this respect.

Samsung has made a handful of important design updates. The fingerprint sensor on the back is now in a sensitive place under the camera: it does not stain the lens every time you try to use it now. There is also a facial recognition that uses a combination of the iris scanner and the front camera, which is good but not as fast as the fingerprint scanner. Face unlocking should be as quick and accurate as face recognition or Windows hello so it's worth using; the Galaxy S9 + is not there yet.

It is good to see that Samsung continues to provide IP68 water resistance for immersion in 1.5m of fresh water for 30 minutes, although you should not use your phone in salt water. There is still a microSD card slot to complement the internal storage options (especially when you can add 128GB for just $ 40!) And there is also a heart rate monitor to use with Samsung Health.

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Camera

The biggest area of innovation in the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the camera. This is the only feature of the Galaxy S9 that feels really new and unique.

Instead of having a fixed-aperture lens, as is the case with virtually all other cameras, the S9 can switch between f / 2.4 and f / 1.5, providing an ideal lens for day and night photography. If it is clear outside, it will fire at f / 2.4; when there is less light available, the lens will expand and use f / 1.5 to let in more light.

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Battery Life

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is almost the same as that of the S8 last year. Even with the move to a more efficient mobile chip, it's a pity that Samsung has not been able to extract more than 3000 mAh battery juice.

It's also a pity that the size of the battery has not increased, especially since you now have to deal with a more energy-hungry screen.

Obviously, the life of the battery varies considerably depending on its use, but unless you are a really light user, it is unlikely that you will be able to spend the day without some anxiety at the end of the day. about the battery. During the review period, I was usually looking for a charger around 8 pm

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Screen - 6.2 inches, Super AMOLED, Quad HD + 1440 x 2960 pixels
  • OS - Android 8.0 Oreo
  • CPU - Exynos 9810 Octa - (international version)
  • Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 - United States./LATAM, China
  • GPU - Mali-G72 MP18 - (International Version)
  • Adreno 630 - United States UU./LATAM, China
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • Storage -64 / 128 / 256GB internal and 0 GB expandable
  • -12MP main camera, variable aperture (f / 1.5-f / 2.2), dual pixel PDAF, slow-motion video recording at 120 ips, super slow motion video recording 900 + fps, 2x optical zoom
  • In front of the camera - 8MP f / 1.7, wide selfie
  • Battery - 3000 mAh
  • Price - about $ 739

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