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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Transfer & Receive Cash Using MTN Mobile Money Service

MTN Mobile Money allows you to convert your mobile phone into an email wallet. Any MTN subscriber with a SIM compatible with mobile money can create an electronic wallet on their mobile and deposit funds into it. Once you finance your mobile money account, you can pay for goods and services with your mobile phone at participating merchants or transfer funds to friends, family, and customers.
Transfer & Receive Cash Using MTN Mobile Money Service
Source: Flickr

How Does The Mtn Mobile Money Service Work?
To fully utilize the MTN mobile money service, you need to sign up first. Transfers of cash funds into MTN mobile money do not require a signature, but almost all other transactions require a mobile money subscription. You can register at any MTN mobile money agency or at the offices of the GTbank branches and MTN Walk-In centers.

Registration requires a SIM compatible with mobile money. If your SIM is not compatible with mobile money, you can buy one from the agent. The agent can also make a SIM change for you if you want to keep your old number. You will need to fill out some documentation to complete your MTN mobile money registration.

To fund your mobile money account, you need to buy and carry a mobile money scraper from MTN. Note that this is different from the normal recharge card for telecommunications services. Scratch cards are available at all mobile money agent sites, GTBank agencies and MTN centers. Mobile money transactions are protected by a 4-digit PIN. The PIN will be necessary to authorize all your transactions with mobile money. Then, you must / should keep it safe.

Once loaded with funds, you can use your MTN phone to pay for goods and services at support merchants, as well as buy MTN recharge cards for you and your loved ones. You can also use it to transfer funds to family and friends, whether or not MTN subscribers. You can also receive funds from other mobile money subscribers directly on your mobile phone.

If for some reason, you need money, you can withdraw funds (in cash) from your MTN mobile money portfolio from any mobile money agent. You can also use the Mobile Money debit card to withdraw your funds from ATMs.

There are three types of MTN mobile money account that offer different transaction limits and different registration requirements:

·       Mobile money without a bank of MTN: N3.000 max. / Transaction, daily limit of N30,000
·       MTN Semi-Implanted Mobile Money: N10,000 max/transaction, limit of N100,000 per day
·       MTN fully banking mobile money: N100,000 max. / Transaction, N1,000,000 daily limit
Non-bank mobile money is the easiest to join, requires minimal documentation and does not require a bank account. The semi-paid money will require similar documentation to the opening of a savings account, while fully banked mobile money will require documentation similar to the opening of a current account.

The mobile money service is resident incompatible MTN SIMs so that it can be accessed from all types of cell phones.

MTN Mobile Money Honorary Costs
According to information on the MTN website, here are the transaction costs of MTN Mobile Money:

·       Money transfer from phone to phone - N10 (for a friend or a merchant)
·       Money transfer between phone - 2% of the transaction, N100 floor
·       Take out of the account - 1% of the transaction, N50 floor
·       Balance inquiry - N5
·       Mini statement - N30 per request

·       SIM exchange (if necessary) - MTN price for SIM exchange;

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Earn Money Online From Writing Product Reviews

Product Review
It's shocking to perceive what number of individuals invest their energy reviewing their sentiments and emotions on the most recent Stephen King book, or the most recent Red Hot Chili Peppers collection; and after that simply transfer them to their own blog or article website (like this one). A great many people don't understand that there is a website which really pays individuals to compose their assessment on a huge number of products which are recorded all alone website.

These product review websites are allowed to join, and they will pay you each time another part peruses and rates one of your reviews. You can likewise be remunerated toward the finish of the month, when a choice of the month's best reviews will earn a 'top notch support'; ordinarily around 5 or 10 pounds.

It's presumably very difficult to comprehend why these websites are paying you recently to compose your feeling on a product. It is likewise very difficult to clarify why they do as such, yet I will attempt to put forth a valiant effort. By composing a review and leaving criticism for a product, the makers are getting exposure and (for the most part) are getting some free acclaim. These reviews are utilized on the database of a huge number of products, and they web-programs to shape an assessment on the best products. The product review website would earn an extraordinary sum from commission rewards; individuals go to the webpage, read a positive review and afterward tap the link on the website straightforwardly to a shop, (for example, eBay or Amazon) and afterward they buy that thing. The product reviewing site will then earn a rate of commission from this deal, thus this is the means by which they can bear to pay its users for composing product reviews - everybody's upbeat.

There aren't numerous necessities to utilize these product-reviewing websites; you should be no less than 13 years of age and should be situated in one of the upheld nations. Clearly it might be ideal in the event that you have an enthusiasm for composing, and that you aren't excessively fretful. To earn great cash you have to compose quality product reviews, and you have to develop a notoriety on the website. The more users you get the opportunity to peruse and rate your reviews, the more cash you will earn. In this way it pays to be mainstream.

These product reviewing websites as of now have some extremely entrenched groups on them, and this is done on account of the focuses framework. Each review you read and remark and each appraising you get will all earn you virtual group focuses. There is a shading scale which coordinates the focuses earned, and the more focuses you have the more vital the shading is that you get. For instance, join the website and compose a review and you will presumably still be on a white shading. Compose several reviews and you will most likely turn into a brilliant shading. Not exclusively does this shading speak to a dynamic and regarded user, however it will earn you significantly more cash. Individuals will probably read and rate your reviews, in this manner earning you much more cash then normal.

At the point when your earnings achieve a specific rate you can trade them out; through Amazon vouchers or you can get paid by BACS (an immediate installment into your own ledger). This is all totally protected and secure, as the websites have executed some exceptionally strict safety efforts. The websites are likewise recorded as the absolute most well known, and increase a large number of guests consistently. These figures hint at no coming up short or subsiding, so I profoundly suggest that you hop on the fleeting trend. Begin composing your own sentiment on any of the a great many products recorded - from TV's to Shampoo to Internet Search Engines. Each individual is provided food for, and regardless of the possibility that it isn't you can in any case submit another of your own products on the off chance that they aren't now recorded. Join a product reviewing website today for nothing, and begin getting paid to compose product reviews - you can't turn out badly.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Helpful tips on how to earn free money online

helpful tips to earn online
On the off chance that it is your objective to locate a free online job from home, this article can give the reply.

Numerous online jobs flourish the web these days. We can discover many popular work notices from data entry, programming, website architecture, accounting, bookkeeping, SEO, composing thus a great deal more. Have you experienced opening a work online webpage and after that discovered many job opportunities that you can do online, perused through them to check whether they would coordinate your capabilities and afterward later on discover that keeping in mind the end goal to see the full job subtle elements, you have to enroll or pay a participation expense? This is an exceptionally normal situation.

Not every one of the jobs posted at the web are genuine. In the event that you happen to see promotions requesting an expense, glance around, see some more locales until you'll discover free online jobs from home that will best suit your abilities and aptitude.

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