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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Transfer & Receive Cash Using MTN Mobile Money Service

MTN Mobile Money allows you to convert your mobile phone into an email wallet. Any MTN subscriber with a SIM compatible with mobile money can create an electronic wallet on their mobile and deposit funds into it. Once you finance your mobile money account, you can pay for goods and services with your mobile phone at participating merchants or transfer funds to friends, family, and customers.
Transfer & Receive Cash Using MTN Mobile Money Service
Source: Flickr

How Does The Mtn Mobile Money Service Work?
To fully utilize the MTN mobile money service, you need to sign up first. Transfers of cash funds into MTN mobile money do not require a signature, but almost all other transactions require a mobile money subscription. You can register at any MTN mobile money agency or at the offices of the GTbank branches and MTN Walk-In centers.

Registration requires a SIM compatible with mobile money. If your SIM is not compatible with mobile money, you can buy one from the agent. The agent can also make a SIM change for you if you want to keep your old number. You will need to fill out some documentation to complete your MTN mobile money registration.

To fund your mobile money account, you need to buy and carry a mobile money scraper from MTN. Note that this is different from the normal recharge card for telecommunications services. Scratch cards are available at all mobile money agent sites, GTBank agencies and MTN centers. Mobile money transactions are protected by a 4-digit PIN. The PIN will be necessary to authorize all your transactions with mobile money. Then, you must / should keep it safe.

Once loaded with funds, you can use your MTN phone to pay for goods and services at support merchants, as well as buy MTN recharge cards for you and your loved ones. You can also use it to transfer funds to family and friends, whether or not MTN subscribers. You can also receive funds from other mobile money subscribers directly on your mobile phone.

If for some reason, you need money, you can withdraw funds (in cash) from your MTN mobile money portfolio from any mobile money agent. You can also use the Mobile Money debit card to withdraw your funds from ATMs.

There are three types of MTN mobile money account that offer different transaction limits and different registration requirements:

·       Mobile money without a bank of MTN: N3.000 max. / Transaction, daily limit of N30,000
·       MTN Semi-Implanted Mobile Money: N10,000 max/transaction, limit of N100,000 per day
·       MTN fully banking mobile money: N100,000 max. / Transaction, N1,000,000 daily limit
Non-bank mobile money is the easiest to join, requires minimal documentation and does not require a bank account. The semi-paid money will require similar documentation to the opening of a savings account, while fully banked mobile money will require documentation similar to the opening of a current account.

The mobile money service is resident incompatible MTN SIMs so that it can be accessed from all types of cell phones.

MTN Mobile Money Honorary Costs
According to information on the MTN website, here are the transaction costs of MTN Mobile Money:

·       Money transfer from phone to phone - N10 (for a friend or a merchant)
·       Money transfer between phone - 2% of the transaction, N100 floor
·       Take out of the account - 1% of the transaction, N50 floor
·       Balance inquiry - N5
·       Mini statement - N30 per request

·       SIM exchange (if necessary) - MTN price for SIM exchange;

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Enjoy 11k pers second and 500MB for #25 on New MTN Pulse.

This is the guide to use for MTN Plan Pulse Rate. Do not play

Update: The MTN Press plan has been recently renovated.

It seems that this plan is quite international. Prices and terms vary from country to country.

This message is for MTN Nigeria users.

MTN pulse

Why migrate to MTN Pulse | MTN pulse advantages

The Pulse flat, 1GB for ₦ 500 dealzone valid for seven days.
Now you can flex browsing only at night ₦ 25.
You will also have unlimited streaming music + a ₦ 10 per day.
Calls at very low prices to other customers in the MTN rate plan pulse to 11 kobos per second after the first minute.
A given 10MB instant bonus valid for 1 days with MTN Bonus Pulse each time it recharges up to N100 airtime
Browse the Internet on your mobile phone with your FREE 10MB data
The N3 discount rate per SMS to connect and chat with other MTN customers Press
Gift loads, deals, and weekly discount offers on Friday Yellow MTN!
It calls MTN - MTN free during the daily Happy Hour 12: 30-04: 30.

How to Migrate to MTN Press

To migrate to MTN Pulse. Just dial * 406 #.
Alternatively, you can send a text message 406 131.

Bonds recharge MTN pulse
This service provides FREE 10MB of data for Internet surfing until after recharging N100 into your account for all categories of MTN Pulse users. 10 MB free data are valid for one days after each weekly recharge. Cool huh? No.

Pulse MTN Summary

MTN Pulse operation
Here are some random things everyone who is quite clever wants to know about the prepaid plans. MTN wrist does very well here.

Charges or unseen access fees at all.
To freely migrate rate plan pulse to MTN, you should only type 406-131 * 406 # on your phone.
N100 will pay for subsequent migrations within the month (30 days).
The first minute of the call to the MTN pulse rate day plan will be charged a flat rate of 40k / sec.
Second-minute call on MTN pulse rate plan will be charged 8.34k / second, where the caller and receiver are on the MTN Plan pulse.
Calls to MTN numbers that are not in the MTN pulse rate plan are charged at 25k / sec.
30k / second rate for calls to other networks.
To connect and chat with others in MTN Press chat, text 33117 free chat.
Calls to enjoy happy hour, you should have a minimum balance of N100 antenna time on your phone.
MTN Evening Call Free 2017
I've watched many of you asking for clarification on the MTN activation call for the free night. See how:

Free call runs from 00: 30-04: 30 every day.

To enable MTN Call for midnight free: dial * 460 * 3 #

MTN Chat Pulse Service

Current users in the MTN press plan can register for the pulse MTN chat service to connect/relate and chat with other people who are also on the MTN Pulse plan. You will enjoy a special rate of only N5 / SMS. (Wetin WhatsApp?)

Anyway, sign up for MTN press Chat, just type "chat" for 33117 on N5 for pulse clients and receive details on how to complete your registration.

The registration requirements for this service include user ID, location, age, and gender.

After registration, you can search for friends and add friends to your group chat.

If you do not want your friends to see you in MTN Press chat, you can hide your MTN ID by clicking on Chat being added by friends and acquaintances. (I wonder why anyone would do that.)

To cancel your MTN subscription press Chat: Send "Cancel" to 33117.

To cancel free.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to deactivate / unsubscribe from MTNPlay Services

mtnplay Opt-out code
It was so annoying to me when Mtn network started deducting my #50 weekly with their so call value added service called Mtn Play by the time i migrated from my previous package to mtn ipulse and i have been trying to find solution on how i can unsubscribe from mtn play service .

It has happened to me that time when they started deducting #150 from three services during that time. Mtn play is automatically activated once you migrate to mtn ipulse.

Today, i will write on how to deactivate or stop mtn play from your mtn line. The procedure is very simple to cancel or unsubscribe from mtn play and you will be free from deducting your money. I too was so annoy because i didn't apply for the package and more so i didn't like the package at all.

It is as if mtn network is scamming people with the automatic subscription.

There are 5 ways to deactivate MTN Play services Music Plus + and prevent illegal deduction of your credit balance
Option 1: Use the Do Not Disturb Code Text Stop To 2442 { this will stop all unsolicited text messages including MTN Music plus + }
Or Text help To 2442 { to stop just some selected annoying text messages }

Option 2: Visit The Do Not Disturb Portal {https://donotdisturb.mtnonline.com:8081/vasportal}

Option 3: Goto Mtn Play portal to deactivate it Steps: type wap.mtnonlineplay.com on your browser On the homepage, select My Mtn Play Then click on my subscribtions It will show you the list services subscribed on your line Click on each one to unsubscribe

Option 4: Call MTN Customer care Dial 180 to speak with a customer care representative Request to deactivate all unwanted subscriptions on your line {If want to call them with little waiting time, call late in the day preferably between 12:00 to 6:00 am}

Option 5: Use MTN Play Unsubscribe Code to deactivate the annoying services The easiest way to do this is to take the code that sent you the sms Just Send by sms – STOP ALL to the number and also CANCEL ALL to the number For Most 700 is the unscubscribe code Some of the popular MTN Play services with MTN Play Unsubscribe code are listed below News & Info
* CNN Breaking News: SMS UFCNN to 700
* CNN Breaking News: SMS CNNBREAK STOP to 700
* CNN Politics: SMS CNNPOL STOP to 700
* CNN Business: SMS CNNBIZ to 700
* CNN Entertainment: SMS CNNENT to 700
* CNN Sport: SMS CNNSPORT to 700
* Learn English Weekky: SMS ULEN to 700
* BBC News: SMS STOP NEWS to 4200
* Local News English: SMS STOP1 to 33555
* Weather Updates OUT512 35070
* Football Updates: SMS STOP to 4080
* Local News Pidgin: SMS ULNPIDGIN to 700
* Local News Yoruba: SMS ULNYORUBA to 700
* Guardian: SMS UGBN to 700
* Forex update: SMS UFOREX to 700
* AFP News: SMS UAFP to 700 Chelsea FC
* Chelsea FC News: SMS UCFC to 700
* Chelsea FC Monthly: SMS NO CFM to 4900
* Chelsea FC Weekly: SMS NO CFW to 4900

Love & Lifestyle
* Love Messages: SMS CANCELLOVE to 33118
* Love Quotes Weekly: SMS UWLQUOTE to 700

With the above code, I hope this can help you in solving mtn money deductions on your mobile phone. If it's helpful, share it to others, for them to be beneficials of this code. THANKS FOR READING.

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