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GLO Flexi Plan and it's Activation code

Glo Flexi Plans


Glo N200 night Plan charges 2 hundred Naira
most effective for the night – that is, between
the hours of 12am (mid-night) to 5am
in the morning. Upon activation of this
N200 night time Plan, you'll be credited
facts to the music of 1GB.
To activate, without a doubt dial *127*60#.
as an alternative, you could send 60 to 127
via SMS.


Glo N500_WEEKEND_PLAN charges 500
Naira and works only for weekends –
this is, from Saturday 12am (mid-
night time) to Sunday 11.59pm. It also works
from 12am – 5pm on Weekends. Upon
activation of this
N500_WEEKEND_PLAN, you'll be
credited records to the song of 3GB which
is usable between the said hours
most effective.
To activate, surely dial *127*sixty one#.
as an alternative, you can send sixty one to 127
via SMS.

G100 PLAN (4GB)

Glo G100 PLAN costs 6,000 Naira and
works best for one hundred HOURS and ought to be
used inside 30 days. Upon activation of
this G100 PLAN, you will be credited
facts to the music of 4GB that is usable
for only 100 hours or within a 30-day
for the reason that this plan is based totally on the wide variety
of hours’ usage, it's far advisable to place
off your telephone statistics connection when
no longer in use, consequently it is going to be assumed
which you are browsing the net if
facts is placed on. Your records gets
disconnected if you have surfed the net
for up to a hundred hours.
To set off, surely dial *127*5#.
as a substitute, you can send 20 to 127
via SMS.

G300 PLAN (12GB)

Glo G300 PLAN prices 15,000 Naira and
works handiest for three hundred HOURS and need to be
used inside 30 days. Upon activation of
this G300 PLAN, you will be credited
statistics to the song of 12GB that is
usable for best 300 hours or inside a
30-day length.
in view that this plan is primarily based on the variety
of hours’ usage, it is advisable to put
off your telephone records connection whilst
no longer in use, for this reason it'll be assumed
that you are surfing the internet if
data is put on. Your information gets
disconnected when you have surfed the net
for as much as 300 hours.
To spark off, absolutely dial *127*4#.
instead, you could ship 21 to 127
thru SMS

G amusement PLAN (4GB)

Glo G enjoyment Plan fees 5,000 Naira
and works from 8PM to 9AM on
weekdays, and then all day on
weekends. you'll be credited with
information really worth 4GB to browse the net
when you spark off this plan.
To prompt the G leisure plan, honestly
dial *127*7#. instead, you may
send 30 to 127 thru SMS.

G-paintings PLAN (4GB)
Glo G-work Plan prices 6,000 Naira and
works from 8AM to 9PM all day, each
day. you'll be credited with facts
really worth 4GB to browse the net when
you activate this plan.
To spark off the G-work plan, clearly
dial *127*6#. as a substitute, you may
send 31 to 127 thru SMS.


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