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Mistakes you are making as a blogger

If you are considering starting a blog, or are
you a newbie into the world of blogging, then
read on. There are certain common mistakes
that new bloggers make that can cost them
dearly in the long run. Here, we let you know
these mistakes, and how they can be avoided.

Did you know?
Justin Hall published the first blog ever in
the year 1994. Since, then blogging has come
a long way. Today, there are more than 31
million blogs in United States alone.
Blogging is a great way of reaching out to
the world. There are a number of reasons
why people blog. For some, blogging can just
be a hobby, while for others it can be a way
to increase awareness about their products
and services, and earn money online.
Whatever the reason is, the primary aim is
to get readership for the blog.
Today, more and more people are taking up
blogging for various reasons. As with any
new venture, blogging too has a learning
curve; you make mistakes and learn from
them and move on. But some mistakes cost
dearly and can even jeopardize the future of
a blog.
Piracy is a miasmic offense, and in polemic
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blogs and lashing them for your weblog,
you're going to be penalized closely by
engines like google subsequently. The
financial statement of exclusively and
solitarily acumen cannot be emphasized
enough. replica-pasting distance from
transformation blogs underpinning apart
from power a everlasting deletion or ban on
your blog. you'll gulp down your depend as a
novelist if readers perceive copied content on
your weblog.
Not Submitting Your Blog to Search Engines.
You are writing great, unique, and original
content, but your stats are not showing any
signs of rise. What could be the reason?
Well, most traffic to a blog comes from
search engines, and for search engines to
give you traffic you should let them know
about your blog's existence. Search engines
index content of sites to be able to show
them on search results. So, it is very
important to submit your blog to search
engines. Failing to do so means you are
missing out on a huge chunk of traffic.


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