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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Guide on Mobile Phone Accessories

Are you bored with seeing the same old
mobile phone, and yet don’t want to
replace it with a new one due to low-
 phone accessories
Phone Accessories
There is a way by which you
can renew your old phone, giving an
attractive look, and this way includes
mobile phone accessories which are
available worldwide. These accessories
make your life more comfortable, and
they are described below.
1) Casing: the outer covering and skin
of a mobile phone can be changed
according to the choice of the user.
These skins can be simple or with
motives over them. Sometimes, these
are given free with the phone when a
purchase is made. Such casings not only
reshape the mobile, but also serve as a
protective covering, and also provide
heat protection. Such covers are made
of vinyl or hard plastic.
2) Screen protectors: to protect the
screen of a mobile phone from any
physical damage, a special sheet is used.
These protective screen sheets have
multiple properties as:
• Non-adhesive
• Anti-reflective
• Anti-glare
• Give glossy and clear view
Tip: some touchscreen mobiles are
affected when the screen protectors are
not fixed properly. So use them in a
right way, or you can also take help
from a professional.
Universal charger: use this charger to
charge the battery of any mobile phone
you have. It includes a desk top charger
and all-pin charger. A single charger is
capable of charging different devices.

3) Memory cards: built-in memory of

the mobile phone is not enough for tasks
as taking the images, or making videos,
and downloading movies right into the
mobile phones. Memory can be
extended by the use of memory cards.

4) Bluetooth device: this device has
made it easier to answer any call while
driving or doing work.

5) Card readers: these devices help
transfer the data from mobile to PC or
from the PC to mobile.

6) USB car charger: you can plug the
adapter into the car socket to charge the
device while you are travelling.

7) Headphone: enjoy the music when
you are working, travelling, exercising,
jogging, or cooking, etc.
Headphones are available in different
colors, but white and black are mostly
used. It can also be used to make a call
or answer a call.
You can use the above mobile phone
accessories or many other available in
the market. However, consider your budget before getting anything.


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