How to transfer / share airtel mb (data bundle) with friends

How to transfer / share airtel mb (data bundle) with friends
As part of Airtel Nigeria's innovative services, they had the opportunity to share the data package (subscription) between friends and colleagues, as this could be useful for most post-paid bb subscribers who do not use their Many times, you can simply transfer it to your children, friends who may need it using any of these codes:
For Airtel 25MB
Dial * 141 * 712 * 11 * Recipient Number #
For Airtel 60MB
Dial * 141 * 712 * 9 * Recipient number #
* 141 * 712 * 4 * receiver number #.

The reciprocal number is the number to which you want to transfer the data bundle.
Example: if you are transferring 10mb to this number
You will dial * 141 * 712 * 11 * 0708xxxxxxxx # and press SEND.

Steps to share or transfer data packets Airtel (MB) Plans with friends

Many complaints were made about the above procedure which is true. Airtel has recently updated its plans for data bundle and code sharing.

This part is created to guide you through the appropriate steps you should take when buying a data package plan to another person or share your family and friends.
It should be noted that the recent ability to share data in the Airtel Nigeria network is called the SmartSHARE code and allows you to access:

Share Purchased Airtel Data Bundle

2: This allows you to share a package already purchased. "Give" or "share" a data package already acquired from a "proprietary customer" for other customers. In this case, the supplied data signature package will reside in the other client's portfolio. Only one customer can be Me2U'd at a time.

Gifting: that allows buying a plan of data batch of the "client proprietor" to another client; Data packets in this category include all packets listed in the Airtel packet plan list and Airtel Android data packets.

Now, to share the Airtel MB in the last update, you will need to dial * 141 # USSD code on the phone, press * in the next window and then select share data or donations from the options provided.


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