Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 – Get 1.5GB For N500, 7GB For N1,500 Up to 11GB Valid For A Month

Airtel SmartConnect 5.0
Airtel NG is back with another new plan 'SmartConnect 5.0'. As you might imagine, it's an upgrade on Airtel smart connect 4.0. If you are familiar with the Airtel system, you should already know that the Airtel SmartConnect is a standard plan that starts with the newly purchased sim. A plan that you can not migrate after you turn it off. Airtel Smartconnect 5.0 offers an 8X bonus on your recharge for calls, data and more.

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Just in case you missed the Ntel wawu promo and the new 9mobile plan for heavy data users, you now have the chance to enjoy a small offer of Airtel's BIGDATA.
According to an Airtel statement on his Twitter page, he says;
"We know you want more, and we have exactly what you want. Imagine having 1.5 GB for just N500 or 3 GB for just N1,000, it's as good as it gets. Airtel SmartConnect, get an Airtel SIM today. #AirtelSmartConnect #smallmoneyBIGDATA '
20:05 - July 14, 2018

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Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 and dual data

So we know about smartConnect 4.0 and we know that Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 is the successor to version 4.0. Now let's talk about what sets them apart, "Double data bonus".
With Airtel SmartConnect 5.0,
  • The N500 provides data of 1.5 GB instead of 750 MB.
  • N1000 provides data of 3 GB instead of 1.5 GB.
  • N1,500 provides data of 7 GB instead of 3.5 GB.
  • N2,500 offers 11 GB of data, instead of 5.5 GB.

To obtain Airtel #SmallMoneyBigData
Visit any Airtel store or an experienced center to purchase a new Airtel SIM.
After registering yes, you will be automatically migrated to the Airtel SmartCONNECT tariff plan
Insert the SIM card into your phone and dial * 141 # to purchase the data packets for additional benefits.
NB: You need a new Airtel Yes to be a beneficiary of this offer. Although some old users have dual active data in their sim, it's just by chance and not the same as SmartConnect 5.0.

Airtel SmartConnect 4.0 or SmartConnect 5.0?

Sims that have duplicate data by accident probably would not be eligible for "8X bonus." If you have a new sim that has been registered under the Airtel network for about a month or more, you would probably be in the SmartConnect 4.0 tariff (which is not exactly what we want). Only a new Sim that has about a week or less from now will be on the Airtel SmartConnect 5.0, which guarantees the complete package of accessories.

Existing subscribers on the network can also dial * 144 # to verify that they are eligible to activate any double data.

Is Airtel just trying to buy us new Sims?

Now that it is imperative to get a new yes if you need to take advantage of this offer, I must confess that I am kind of stuck here in the middle. I have a sim Airtel, less than 6 months old still in Smartconnect though version 4.0 and is not eligible.

Should I go ahead to buy another sim because of Awoof? Worth it? Will they come back and end this offer all of a sudden, as Glo did some time ago?

Ultimately, the goal is to win more subscribers, but I hope Airtel will not do something absurd after a few months. I hope I do not hear more things like "We no longer offer this service, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused"

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How to check your Airtel Smartconnect 5.0 data package

Airtel's "Big Money Big Data" data packet can be verified by dialing the USSD * 140 # code exactly as you verify your normal or regular data plans.

Adding and Removing Friends & Family on Airtel Smartconnect

In addition, as part of the bonuses, it also grants "family and friends bonuses" each time you reload. To register your F & F, simply
  • dial * 311 * 2 * AirtelNumber #, while you can
  • dial * 311 * 3 * AirtelNumber # to remove a specific number.

What do you think of the new Airtel offer? Tell us in the comments. Join the Airtel Smartconnect!


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